What is the grape harvest?

It is the most important event of the year for the wine world, it is the culmination of a harvest for a whole year, which marks the beginning to harvest the grapes and thus begin the process of making new wines.

In addition to this harvest, a celebration is also made; the Harvest Festival, which represents the symbol of joy and effort of a year of work. The process of the Harvest begins from the hand of the agronomist and treatment of the land, to the ceremony of thanks to the vine and the famous “grape treading”. This was the traditional method to obtain the “must” or grape juice by pressing with the soles of the feet. Although this method is no longer used today, you can still live the experience at La Redonda Vineyards located in Ezequiel Montez Querétaro, who also, year after year, celebrate their Harvest in the month of July. It is one of the most important vineyards of the famous Wine and Cheese Route, in Querétaro.

The vineyards are located approximately 31 minutes from San Juan del Río, where you can stay at our Hampton Inn by Hilton San Juan del Río hotel that includes daily breakfast, or if you are visiting the city of Querétaro, you can stay in 4 different options; Doubletree by Hilton Querétaro, Hilton Garden Inn Querétaro, Homewood Suites Querétaro or Hampton Inn Querétaro Tecnologico, all located approximately 1 hr from the vineyards.

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