Guadalajara, a Mexican destination full of history, culture and gastronomy


Imagine a city where you can walk in the street and at the same time live an experience that captivates all your senses. Guadalajara has a warm climate, history and spectacular architecture (like historical cathedrals and futuristic stadiums). So, come and discover the beautiful secrets of Guadalajara!



It is known that Guadalajara is the land of tequila, and also an experience that you wouldn’t like to miss. Some of the most recognized Mexicans in the world have been born in this place, such as Chicharito, Lorena Ochoa, Guillermo del Toro, Gael García, and the beloved Vicente Fernandez.


There are many historical places in this city will captivate your attention, such as the Cathedral with its neo-Gothic towers, or the Hospicio Cabañas, which was painted by the visual artist José Clemente Orozco. You will also be surprised by the facade of the Degollado Theater, with the image of Apollo and the nine Muses. Also, the Expiatory Temple of the Blessed Sacrament has been considered to have the greatest neo-Gothic architecture in Mexico. As you can see, after you visit Guadalajara you will fall in love.



Another place that you have to visit is the Museum of Arts of the University of Guadalajara, better known as Musa. Here you will find national art, muralism and international art. And if you are a sports fan, you can not miss a soccer game of the Atlas or Chivas in the spectacular Omnilife Stadium.


After all your walk you will surely be hungry, and fortunately Guadalajara keeps some of the tastiest culinary secrets in all Mexico. You may try tortas ahogadas dipped in a delicious tomato sauce, with beans and carnitas; or you also can try the famous tacos de birria, they’re great to wake you up and increase your energy. As you can see, there are several options to pamper your palate.


We must not forget what makes Guadalajara famous: tequila, the distillate agave that has conquered the entire world. If you want to live a unique experience with this famous drink, you can’t miss the José Cuervo Express that will take you to the magical town of Tequila. In this trip, you will see the brick kilns where the agave is cooked and also the aging cellars it’s contained. This place will make you realize that Tequila is the best place to enjoy tequila.


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