From sports and live music to festivals and parades, you’ll find a variety of events to experience Hawaii’s rich culture, thriving arts and culinary scene.

Here’s a line-up of what’s happening across the Hawaiian Islands this spring.

MARCH 2: Lei Court Selection Event (91st Annual) (Oahu)
MARCH 8-10:  25th Annual Honolulu Festival (Oahu)
MARCH 9: Kona Brewer’s Festival (Island of Hawaii)
MARCH 10: Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN 2019 (Oahu)
MARCH 17: Loko Ea Fishpond 2nd Annual 8K and 15K Run&Walk Event (Oahu)
MARCH 23: Walk on the Wild Side 2019 (Oahu)
MARCH 26: Prince Kuhio Day Celebration at Hilton Waikiki Beach (Oahu)

APRIL 14: Hapalua – Half-Marathon 2019 (Oahu)
APRIL 17: 37 Vines Wine Dinner (Oahu)
APRIL 21-27: Merrie Monarch Festival (Island of Hawaii)

MAY 1: Lei Day Celebration, 92nd Annual (Oahu)
MAY 3: Lei Day Cazimero Concert (Maui)
MAY 12: Honolulu Triathlon (16th Annual) (Oahu)
MAY 30: Moloka’i Ka Hula Piko 2019 (Molokai)

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