Start in the City and hike your way around the Bay! From San Francisco to the East Bay or Marin, there are plenty of hikes for all preferences, whether you prefer to hike along the coast or in the mountains.



Land’s End + Sutro Bath: Land’s End is the perfect hike for all ages and fitness levels. Start on the Coastal Trail and turn-off about a half a mile down towards the water. One steep stairway leads down to Land’s End Points where you will have a fantastic viewpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge. Bring a light picnic and take in the view around you.

The Sutro Baths visit will include a walk downhill into the ruins and the mysterious tunnels through Point Lobos. When you reach the uphill climb to the old Sky Tram, you’ll reach the overlook of the Sutro’s 1880s catch basin.



Mount Diablo: On the eastern fringe of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mount Diablo provides one of the best views in the bay. Within the park itself there are ecological treasures to explore. There is lush vegetation, plenty of wildlife and distinctive rock formations to view while you make your way to the top (3,849 ft in elevation).

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve: Start at the Sibley Staging Area and discover a unique, self-guided volcano tour and beautiful rolling hills around you. Round Top, the highest point at Sibley, is distinctive in appearance, height, and location. One of the highest points in the Berkeley hills, Round Top is perched over and a little south of the Caldecott Tunnel.

Wildcat Creek Trail: For more of a climb, head to the Alvarado Area in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. Hike along the creek and take the steep climb. At the top, you will be rewarded with incredible views of Mount Tam, San Francisco and the East Bay.

Redwood Regional Park Loop: Escape from the city and explore the largest remaining natural stand of coast Redwoods in the East Bay. The Redwoods are the perfect place to take a stroll, hike, picnic or bring your dogs for a relaxing day in the forest.



Muir Beach: Start on the shores of Muir Beach and start climbing for incredible views of the coastline. As you make your way along these amazing trails, you will be immersed in the California Coast. Pro tip: start this trail early to grab a parking spot, and then head to the beach for a relaxing day on the California shores.


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