Seafood is a hard genre to prepare just right. Overcook it and you’ve got burnt charcoal, undercook it and you’re unwillingly eating sushi. You don’t have to worry about any of that at Field & Tides, though, nor do you have to worry about pleasing discerning guests because these guys are absolutely the “restaurant for the person that doesn’t do seafood.” Their flavors and presentation methods elevate their dishes to something beyond just sea creatures. They also have an expansive menu of other mouth-watering items, so if you’re craving great food with a southern flair, they’ve got you covered there, too. Also, 90% of their menu is gluten-free, so if you’ve jumped on the low-carb bandwagon, Field & Tides is an easy choice.

With an updated menu, and the perfect Heights location for a quiet lunch, check out our tasting menu favorites below:


Pimento Cheese Fritters: ‘Golden fried perfection’ were the first words out of my mouth as I munched on these fritters. Gooey pimento cheese oozes from crispy shells floating on a bed of pepper jelly. The sharp cheddar cheese in the fritters is local and are a delectable sweet and salty start to your meal.

Crispy Fried Oysters and Brussels: If you’re on a mission to find the best brussel sprouts in Houston, these are absolutely a contender! Shaved brussels, deep fried and tossed in a chile honey glaze will have you fighting for the last forkful. The fried oysters, crisp from their fry bath with cornmeal crusted gulf oyster drizzled with sambal aioli are the smoky hint of umami that you’re looking for to round out the dish.

Pulpo: “This is octopus for people who don’t eat octopus!” I stated as I went back for seconds and thirds of my favorite appetizer. Braised octopus, roasted potatoes, chorizo, and chimichurri adorn the plate in front of you and produce a crunchy, tangy, and savory escape. Delicious and ample enough to be its own meal, grab the pulpo!


Meatloaf Madness: The sandwich making Grandma’s everywhere proud combines the best ingredients: mashed potatoes, crisp sourdough bread, fried egg, savory brown gravy, and salty bacon. Served open faced, you’re absolutely going to need a fork and a very large appetite. Had I not been in polite company, I would’ve licked the plate clean.

Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich: Nestled between a soft, locally sourced bun from “The Bread Man” lives all the yummy of this chicken sandwich. Tossed in rice flour and deep fried, the oversized chicken breast comes out piping hot and smothered with Mississippi come back sauce (a play on honey mustard) with pickles, lettuce, onion, bacon and avocado snuggled on top. One bite will leave you thinking, “Chick-fil-who?”


Gulf Snapper: Snapper is a dish any fish lover can be excited about, but can easily be lost in a crowd of delicious food – this isn’t so with F&T’s Gulf Snapper. A robust snapper fillet is pan seared skin on and covered with chunks of bacon and lobster in a butter reduction with southern style succotash on the side. It’s almost too pretty to eat! The bacon lobster butter is to die for and combines well with the succotash for a delightful fish dish.

F&T Surf and Turf: As we all tucked into the F&T Surf and Turf you could hear Homer Simpson like groans of, “Ohhh” emitting from the entire table. The short rib is chicken fried and placed gingerly atop roasted garlic and truffle mash potato with roasted baby carrots tucked in. Then the entire plate is generously showered with a béarnaise and red wine demi and completed with a seared scallop. Absolutely worthy of a trip by itself, order this!


Chocolate Alabama Stack Cake: Dessert is my favorite part of the meal, and chocolate cake is the ultimate comfort dessert. Towering layers of chocolate sponge, bourbon chocolate icing, and whipped cream lay before you beckoning your fork. Fair warning: you’ll be unable to thwart this siren’s call.

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cake: If you’re looking for a divergence of the norm of sweet desserts, this is it. Here lies a take on a typical southern dessert flipped on its head: perfectly moist yellow cake adorned with fresh pineapple is topped with fresh strawberry jalapeno ice cream and the entire plate is drizzled with gooey burnt caramel. One morsel of this sweet and savory dessert has your taste buds singing trying to place all of the flavors. Take a walk on the wild side and end your meal with a shock!

It all sounds spectacular, doesn’t it? It’s alright if you’re feeling voraciously hungry, we are, too! Head on over to Field & Tides and tell them that Hilton sent you! For additional articles, offers, and ideas to inspire some Houston dreamin’, head on over to

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