For most, the term “holiday season” is synonymous with savory food, sweet treats and plenty of overeating. The same could also be said about vacationing, whether it be delighting in local delicacies, a few too many piña coladas, or overindulging in many a beach bite. For most of us, we return home from a holiday vacation with no shortage of long-lasting memories, a great tan, and unfortunately, a few extra pounds to boot. We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Read on for a few tips on how to curtail holiday eating while on vacation.

Going on vacation doesn't necessarily mean you'll gain a few pounds from all the delicious food you'll be trying. There are ways to curtail holiday eating while on vacation.

Tip #1: Start your day off with fruit

Ditch the waffles and omelettes! Ask most people if they like fruit and chances are you’ll receive and overwhelming yes. All natural, sweet, and incredibly delicious, fruits are an easy choice and effective way to keep off some of that extra holiday weight. On an empty stomach, start your day off with a large bowl of fresh fruit. “Some of your best options are low-glycemic index fruits like Grapefruits, Apples, and Berries. All are low in calories and high in vitamins and anti-oxidants,” says Matthew Miller – Co-Founder of Sweat440. As you’ll be in the Caribbean after all, there’s no better place to get your fruit fix in than among the tropical breezes and rich natural splendor. Kicking off your day with a helping of fruit is not only optimal for digestion, but will provide you with tons of energy for an action-packed day of exploring ahead.

Tip #2: Feeling hungry? You may actually be thirsty

More often than you’d think, the body is signaling you for more hydration. An easy way to help curb holiday overeating while on vacation is to tune into the very cues of your own body. While sitting beachside, if you start to feel hungry and crave an order of chips and guacamole, perhaps try having some water first. There’s a high chance your body is simply craving the hydration it needs (you’re sitting in the Caribbean heat after all!) and satiating your body with water may squash your cravings for some tried-and-true fried favorites. Miller adds that “hydration from water is often neglected when on vacation when other beverages are preferred, so try front loading your water in the early part of your day to jump start your hydration.”

When indulging, think of strategic ways that will help you enjoy your meals in a healthy way.

Tip 3: Indulge strategically

There’s no reason to refrain from indulging – you’re on vacation after all! The key to effective vacation indulging is being sure you’re doing so strategically. Say you’ve been presented with an incredible dish of jerk chicken while vacationing in Montego Bay at the Hilton Rose Hall. There’s no reason not to savor this local delight, so long as you take certain measures to ensure its digestion is optimal. Sticking to one concentrated food per meal- for example, the jerk chicken- and pairing it with a sizable helping of high water content vegetables and greens will allow you to savor the incredible Jamaican flavor of the chicken while ensuring it digests optimally. In doing so, not only will you allow yourself the freedom to sample and explore the local cuisine, but also digest it in a way which will help avoid those extra vacation pounds! Miller advises that his rule of thumb when vacating in the Caribbean is to avoid the complex carbs from rice or breads. “Remember that since your activity levels are down, you do not need those complex carbs for performance. Instead I prefer to indulge in the meats, fruits, and vegetables.”

By following these three easy tricks, you’ll be able to make the most out of your holiday season travel by having the energy to fuel long days in the Caribbean sun and keep off those stubborn holiday pounds. Remember, it’s all about enjoying yourself, and there’s always ways to kick those holiday vacation habits with workouts like Sweat440 and a few days of clean eating back home!

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