It’s so important to learn how to destress during exam time!  Here are some great ways to take a step back, relax, and better prepare yourself for the upcoming final exams.

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We all know It is very important to exercise in general, but especially so when you’re prepping for your exams.  Go to the gym, attend a spin class, or even just take a walk around campus, the neighborhood, an outdoor mall such as Mizner Park. Find more places to go from Boca Raton to Jupiter in our Best Things To Do Guide. You will take your mind off of the upcoming exams and exert some anxious energy.

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Eat Healthy

One thing we sometimes forget to do is to eat healthy during exam prep time.  All day and late-night studying tend to lend itself to either skipping meals or eating fast food.  Plan meals ahead of time, filling your mini fridge with fruit and veggies.  Try to eat as much of a balanced diet as possible and be sure to stay well-hydrated.


Aim to get between 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night.  Staying up super late or cramming all night for a test won’t do you much good.

Set your bedroom up for a successful night’s sleep by making sure it is dark and your ideal temperature.  Lavender and chamomile linen sprays sprayed on your pillows before bed are known to help relax you at the end of the day.

Talk About It

Sometimes it helps to talk through your stress with a family member, friend, or guidance counselor. By lending an ear or offering advice, they may be able to help you better manage your time or release some weight off your shoulders.

Schedule a meeting with your professor to find out if there are other study aids or study groups available.

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Take a Break

There comes a time during your intense studying when your eyes begin to cross…or slowly close.  Whatever you are reading Is not making any sense, and you cannot look at another graph or definition without wanting to scream.

This is when you need to get up and stretch.  Pack up your study gear and run some errands, grab a cup of coffee (but watch your caffeine intake…too much may make you jittery), or take a nap!

Head over to the local theater and take in a movie, check out a local cultural hotspot or indulge in some retail therapy at Town Center at Boca Raton.

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Plan to Celebrate

And just like Owlsley, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments when exams are done. A visit to Serendipity at the Boca Waldorf is always a good idea or plan a weekend escape with the family with over 30 Hiltons to choose from. Explore hotels in Boca Raton, West Palm and Jupiter.

If you’re staying in town for the holidays, make plans to enjoy the holiday season! There’s lots of holiday events going on from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach including tree lightings and boat parades to holiday dinners.

In order to rock your exams, you need take good care of YOURSELF and these tips are sure to help.



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