If you’ve developed the healthy habit of maintaining a steady routine of physical exercise, you may be hesitant to set back your hard-earned progress while traveling. Exercise addicts, have no fear! While there may not be a Sweat 440 in your vacation spot of choice, you don’t need to abandon your goals while on holiday vacation. Whether your typical workout requires dedicated time at a gym or an invigorating yoga routine right from your home, there are multitudes of options to help maintain your fitness, even while on vacation.

The beach a great place to do some yoga and meditation, or if you prefer more high intensity workouts you can jog, take a swim and even dance.

The fitness center at El Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico is fully equipped with all necessary equipment to ensure guests can maintain the same exercise routine they would at home! Daily programs and classes are offered by certified specialists for those who prefer a guided workout. Oftentimes, programs like yoga take place outdoors, truly allowing you to absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of the Caribbean Sea. Not to mention, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows displaying a breathtaking ocean view can’t fail to make your workout a little bit more exciting. Take advantage of the resort’s three tennis courts by reserving a tennis lesson, or enjoying free-play during a private reservation. If this still doesn’t fit your typical workout routine, swimming laps in one of the resort’s pools is an excellent workout as well. Maybe even treat yourself to a piña colada afterwards – you’ve earned it!

While many hotels include access to fitness centers, consider passing it up for more creative, unique ways to maintain your fitness without taking valuable time away from your vacation. Not to mention, some of the best adventurous activities give you an incredible workout without you even realizing it. When vacationing in the Caribbean, take advantage of the natural terrain and use your workout as an excuse to explore the marvelous views. For instance, while vacationing in St. Lucia, take a hike on The Pitons, the island’s twin volcanic plugs located near the southwest coast of the island. While hiking The Pitons is no easy feat, it’s ideal for more advanced individuals and an absolutely guaranteed workout. Your hike will begin on the white sands and continue upwards, only making the picturesque views better and better as you ascend up the mountain. For hiking-lovers who aren’t as active or experienced, El Yunque National Forest in northeast Puerto Rico offers jaw-dropping scenery, as well as hundreds of species of local wildlife and flora. These trails are friendly to all levels of experience and provide the perfect opportunity to explore the natural wonders of Puerto Rico.

Water sports are a fun way to exercise while on vacation.

If you still haven’t found how to incorporate your workout into your vacation time without the added stress, consider activities that relax your mind to make you feel as if you aren’t working out at all. A jog on the beach can be mentally and physically invigorating, and actually even more effective than running on a treadmill. Due to the uneven terrain, your muscles need to work harder than usual to maintain form, therefore giving your legs and core much added strength and helps improve your coordination. Your calories burn faster alongside this as well. Nearly any water sports that don’t include an engine can prove beneficial in your goal to maintain your fitness as well. For instance, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and surfing are all excellent, fun activities to incorporate into your vacation. They also provide an intense workout to assist you in staying active while still maximizing your free time to experiment with new things.

Going on vacation does not mean abandoning your personal fitness goals, no matter the duration. All it takes is dedication and some research on local attractions that may double as a workout. Nutritional dieting may be more of a challenge when you want to learn about the local cuisine and its exotic flavors, drink a few refreshing cocktails or indulge in a delicious dessert. The added calories can certainly be made up for with a carefully thought out schedule of activities, allowing you to incorporate physical fitness into your fun in the sun. If your vacation spot is in a walkable part of town, consider ditching the car or ride-service apps for a walk instead! You may even find yourself getting even more of a workout than you normally do, simply from the change in lifestyle that may accompany your travel destination.

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