Is your family looking for an adrenaline-filled Caribbean adventure?  Then visit Mystic Mountain!  Located on Jamaica’s north coast in Ocho Rios, there isn’t just one exhilarating adventure to be had at here; there’s a handful!  So grab a paper and pen and let’s break down what you can expect on a visit to this unique attraction.


This is the first adventure you’ll tackle at Mystic Mountain.  The Rainforest SkyExplorer takes visitors up to the other attractions on the mountain. This chairlift skims riders over the treetops of the Jamaican rainforest revealing breathtaking views of the Ocho Rios port where cruise ships come in.  You may be thinking, “A chairlift, so what?”  Let me tell you, this chairlift is not for the faint of heart!  It soars 700 feet above ground and when it stops or slows down for a few minutes to accommodate riders of different capabilities, don’t look down.  Oh be still my heart! I was never so glad to get to the other end of a ride.


In this Mystic Mountain adventure, Jamaican humor and adventure come together to produce a thrilling experience.  There was a lot of playful joking around about the possible dangers we’d just paid to take part in.  As we hiked down to the first of seven platforms we’d push off from one guide said to the other, “Gosh, I hope they fixed that lose cable!”  There was nothing to worry about though, these guides operated like they were born on this course.  They knew each of the six lines and the 10-meter vertical rappel descent backwards and forwards.


Inspired by the Jamaican Bobsled Olympic team,this is one of the most popular attractions at Mystic Mountain.  Riders are strapped solo into a sleek sled and set loose on a 1000-meter track which winds through the rain forest.  While the sled is driven by gravity, the rider controls the speed traveled by on pushing hand levers which are used to apply the brakes.


Perched on the edge of Mystic Mountain, the infinity pool is a great way to cool off during a humid Jamaican afternoon.  It is also a great spot from which to enjoy sweeping views of Ocho Rios which I saw many parents take in, just before their little darlings disturbed the peaceful moment by whooshing down the 77-meter stainless steel waterslide and splashing their folks.


No matter where we travel, I always encourage my family to learn about where we’re going and find something to embrace in the culture there.  Already enamored by Jamaica’s beauty, my family discovered other aspects of the island culture to embrace in the Mystic Pavilion.  My kids were captivated by Jamaica’s great moments in sports, something they began to learn about during the summer Olympics thanks to Usain Bolt.  My family was also touched by the vibrant art work and history displayed here.


As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, these gardens are designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They are also nice places to cap off your Mystic Mountain adventure.  Strolling through these colorful natural environments enjoying these beautiful winged creatures was a great way to come down from the adrenaline rush of our Mystic Mountain adventures and ready ourselves for the 90-minute drive back to Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa.


  • Visit early!  Mystic Mountain can get crowded and even sell out, especially on days when the cruise ships come into Ocho Rios.
  • Register for a zipline time the minute you get off the SkyExplorer or you could wind up waiting for quite some time to set off on that particular adventure.
  • This is not an attraction for travelers with a serious fear of heights.  Personally, I don’t like heights myself, but I happen to be part of a family that loves anything that has to do with them.  It may be fate’s way of saying, “Get over yourself,” or it may be my family’s way of pushing me outside my comfort zone.  If you are traveling with someone who can’t be pushed, I would leave them at the resort and come get your adventure on!

Enjoy yourself because as they say in Jamaica, “Everything is Irie!” (Translation: everything is alright!)

This article was originally published by Hilton Mom Voyage.

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