It’s called ‘The Original La Jolla Kayak Tour,’ and if you’re planning on visiting La Jolla, one of San Diego’s most popular, unique beach towns, then it’s an activity you shouldn’t miss. It’s run by Everyday California, an adventure and lifestyle brand located just minutes from the beach.

Everyday California has been taking guests on kayak tours since 2011, and have consistently heard great feedback throughout the years:

“Excellent people! Great adventure! Will definitely go out with them again! Great staff, super friendly and knowledgeable! AWESOME!”


“This was my second time at Everyday California. The staff was helpful and pleasant. The equipment was awesome. The weather and water conditions were excellent. Highly recommend this place to tourists and locals alike.”

The staff at Everyday California consider themselves extremely lucky. La Jolla has been named one of the best beaches in the United States and is home to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a major player in the study of our oceans.

While La Jolla is only a small part of the Pacific ocean, it’s among the most biodiverse habitats in California. On a tour you have the privilege to be in the water with all kinds of ocean animals, which gives you a chance to see harbor seals, sea lions, dolphins, grey whales (in the Winter season), leopard sharks (don’t worry, they’re harmless), and the occasional sea turtle.

If you’re looking for a unique San Diego adventure, Everyday California has trained tour guides who are passionate about the ocean and want to share their knowledge of La Jolla with you. Or, if you’re looking to do something more independent, they offer kayak, stand-up-paddleboard, surfboard, and snorkel rentals.

Want to go? You can book online or call (858) 454-6195 to make a reservation. We recommend you reserve in advance, that way you can find the perfect time to go for your group.

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