The catalyst for the creation of 4th Meridian Brewing Company began with a crash.

The crash was in the form of the oil and gas industry’s decline of a few years ago. That was the industry that 4th Meridian owners Brad and Helen Hoffman, and her brother Edward James all worked in. It was just the spark they needed to create a family owned micro-brewery in Lloydminster. They took the name for the brewery from the borderline between Alberta and Saskatchewan that runs through the town. Their beer features locally grown hops and artisanal malts, all lovingly combine under the hand of Edward and his team. Their seasonal Mango Saison recently won gold in the Farmhouse Beer category at the first-ever Alberta Beer Awards. A cozy, friendly atmosphere, the taproom is the ideal place to gather with friends and family to enjoy the latest batch of 4th Meridian beer. The room is kid-friendly, and even pet-friendly.

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