The Coast of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta receives more than 4 million tourists on an annual basis, and this number only continues to grow, given it has become a popular destination for a nice beach vacation. So pack your bags and come visit Puerto Vallarta with your family and friends and stay at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, which gives you access to 6 restaurants and 4 bars, aside from the section of La Hacienda, and is located in front of the beautiful beaches of Bahía de Banderas.

As a popular vacation spot for both locals and international visitors, it shouldn’t be surprising there is a wide variety of quality restaurants here. So, in case you want to explore other restaurants besides the ones offered at Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, we have chosen the best culinary experiences for your palate.

El Andariego's featured breakfast spread

El Andariego

Although it wasn’t easy to find a breakfast that could compete with the one offered at the Hilton hotel, we know visitors sometimes want to try something different. This is why we recommend El Andariego. It is a traditional Mexican restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it is widely recognized for its breakfast which features fresh fruit, yogurt, and pastries, aside from all of the original Mexican flavors.

El Arrayan

You can find traditional Mexican cuisine at El Arrayan, located close to the Malecon. Its name comes from the tree and fruit that can be found in the restaurant’s patio, and its decoration evokes the traditions and customs of the country. You will be able to enjoy an authentic and delicious Mexican experience here.

Salud Super-Food

Vegetarian and organic trends have taken over the world, and it is very hard to find restaurants that exceed expectations. This will change the minute you step into Salud Super-Food. In this restaurant, located in the romantic area of Puerto Vallarta, breakfast is served all day and lunch is available starting at 11:30 am. Its healthy menu is diverse and fresh. Take into account that it will be closed during the month of September and will reopen on October 8th.

Traditional Thai food spread

Siam Cocina Thai

If you’re willing to take a break from Mexican food, Thai flavors await you at Siam Cocina Thai. You won’t regret choosing a different option as you enjoy very authentic and delicious food. This restaurant closes on Monday and it does not take reservations.

L’Angolo di Napoli

Any good list of restaurants needs to include a great pizza place, a dish you can enjoy any time of day. At L’Angolo di Napoli you can choose between a Mexican or Italian style pizza, prepared by the owner himself, who tosses around the dough and cooks it in a wood oven for your enjoyment.

La Leche

If you want to travel to another world, La Leche< features an eclectic atmosphere covered in black and white. Decorated to evoke the coloring of a cow, its unique daily dishes make this place a singular experience. Come be surprised and entertained, as every dish will awaken your senses with different flavors, textures, and temperatures. Its excellent service and cuisine will not disappoint you. If you don’t want your night to end after your meal, on the second floor you can find the restaurant’s bar, La Nata.

Cafés des Aristes by Thierry Bloue

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated meal, you will love the atmosphere and flavors of Cafés des Aristes by Thierry Blouet. This restaurant combines French and Mexican cuisine, and you can choose to sit between 8 different settings where you will be blown away by the exotic and delicate aromas, including the all time favorite, a bountiful garden full of life and mystery. Those who come here always return, and if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you can’t go wrong with Cafés des Aristes.

Wedding set up on Le Kliff

Le Kliff

The mountains give the seafood at Le Kliff a touch of sophistication and enchantment. Enjoy one of the most spectacular and captivating panoramic views of Puerto Vallarta. The view is so special and unique that it has even become a popular wedding venue, just in case you decide to celebrate your wedding at this magical location.

Bravos Restaurant Bar

Last but not least, a great place for a casual dinner with your family or friends is Bravos Restaurant Bar. If you’re always looking for a home cooked meal, this is the spot for you. This restaurant combines a gourmet meal with a relaxed atmosphere, offering seafood, Italian and an international inspired menu.

Without a doubt, Puerto Vallarta has a number of options when it comes to dining. From casual to elegant dinners featuring everything from Mexican to International cuisine, you will never run out of options when it comes to delicious food and superb restaurants in Puerto Vallarta to complete your vacation. Aside from Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, we also recommend staying at Conrad Punta Mita – a wonderful hotel just 30 minutes away from the Puerto Vallarta airport.

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