Doing urban tourism has its own charm: it means traveling through wide avenues, climbing to the top of large skyscrapers, immersing yourself in an exquisite gastronomic tour, losing yourself in huge museums and soaking up the latest artistic trends. So if you want to enjoy culture in big cities, Mexico is a great option: it houses all of that and more. Below we present you three incredible destinations, which will undoubtedly exceed your expectations: Mexico City, Puebla and Monterrey.

Let’s start with Puebla. This city is known as the Angelópolis, because of the beauty of its architecture, which seems to have been done by the angels (hence its nickname). It has so much architectural value, that this metropolis was designated as a World Heritage Site. Therefore, it is a delight to explore its theatres, museums, churches and palaces throughout its downtown. If you are in Mexico City, it is worth escaping to this incredible cultural destination, as it is no more than two hours away from the capital.


It is the turn of Monterrey, known as La Sultana del Norte. This city highlights its impressive mountainous landscape, its modern architecture, the Fundidora Park and the Paseo Santa Lucía, a beautiful path at the foot of Cerro de la Silla, ideal to travel by boat. This city is also a cultural reference in Mexico: Its typical music and cuisine fill this region with great magic. The most representative dishes are: Cabrito (lamb meat baked or stewed in sauce) and Glorias, a typical sweet made of cajeta ( a kind of melted milk candy). If your visit is extensive, it is worth to escape nearby to Cola de Caballo Waterfall, and Santiago, a magical town. Both are must-see points, less than an hour away from the great northern capital.

Finally… the beautiful Mexico City! This megalopolis is a cultural jewel in America: cradle of artistic expressions such as muralism, and full of monuments, colors, aromas and flavors, Mexico’s capital is a must-see stop during your stay in this country. It has the largest Historic Center in all Latin America; constructions of an incomparable beauty (Palace of Fine Arts); extensive green areas (Chapultepec’s Forest); bohemian neighborhoods full of color (Coyoacán); and a boat tour full of magic and folklore (Xochimilco). This enigmatic capital, full or art and culture, is worth to visit several times in a lifetime.

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