Did you know that thousands of sea creatures call the Mall of America aquarium home?

Located just below the mall is SEA LIFE Aquarium, home to a 300-foot ocean tunnel, over 30 display tanks, tons of fish, rays, and even sharks. Here you’ll have the chance to pet a sea anemone, see a seahorse up close, or watch fish, sea turtles, and sharks as they swim right over your head.

Recently I had the chance to join one of the aquarium’s behind-the-scenes tours. It was fun to see how meals are specially prepared for all of the animals and incredible to see those sharks from above!

On the tour you’ll learn about some of the aquarists’ responsibilities as well as some fun SEA LIFE facts, here are just a few to get you started:


  1. The aquarium is a whopping 1.3 million gallons
  2. In the aquarium kitchen, the team preps everything from fish & squid to fruits & veggies
  3. The animals are fed 100+ pounds of food each day!
  4. Just like humans, the animals often have vitamins added to their diets to keep them healthy
  5. There is a 3,500 gallon mixing tank on site so the aquarium can create its own salt water
  6. On the tour you’ll see quarantine tanks which are used for holding new animals, observing injured animals, or monitoring growing animals
  7. Some animals, like the sea turtles, are target trained, which helps the team feed and care for them
  8. Animals look about 20% smaller through the curve of the tunnel – another great reason to check out the tour so you can see how big they really are from above!

Visiting SEA LIFE

SEA LIFE is located on the east side of the Mall on Level 1. Hours vary, so be sure to check out their site for more details.

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