The opening night of the Live On The Green Festival is always highly anticipated in Nashville. It’s free, the setting is idyllic and if you head downtown to Public Square Park in the early evening, you’re bound to catch up with friends and neighbors as you both unwind to some incredible music in the heart of Music City. Live On The Green embodies so much of what Nashville is all about: community, music, and celebration.

So for the 2019 kick-off event on Thursday, August 15th, we wanted to ask one of the performers just what they thought of the city. Who better to talk with us than Lucie Silvas, a Nashvillian going on ten years now but originally from England, not a native. Like most people these days, she has adopted Nashville as her home and made her career here.

Nashville Recording Artist Lucie Silvas

With ten years of experience living in Music City, we asked her to share her favorite spots and well-kept secrets of the city.
Ok, Lucie, I’m gonna say some words commonly associated with Nashville and you just say the first thing that comes to mind.

If I said…. Hot Chicken?
Twisty fries

East Nashville?
Mas Tacos

West Nashville?

Robert’s! They do good late-night sandwiches. Well, the Ryman, slightly left of Broadway, I would rather be in the Ryman watching an amazing show, best venue in all of Nashville.

The real Nashville?
Pockets of music that you don’t hear about on the main strip.

What are some of your go-to spots?
I like Dukes. Really cool spot right by Marche, cool sandwiches, cool atmosphere, not too busy.

What are some spots you’d take friends from out of town when they visit?
I feel like I want to take people to the Country Music Hall of Fame because its got a really cool American Currents exhibit at the moment which is also outside the mainstream of country but its got one of Elvis’s cars in there!

I probably want them to go to the Grand Ole’ Opry. I’ve played there a couple of times, it’s a dream to visit and it’s so old, its such an institution. I’d take them to Percy Warner (park) and you see how beautiful it is. You don’t expect that in Nashville. You can go on hikes and its really, really beautiful.

What’s your favorite spot to disappear into?
Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison. It’s super cool. I had my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday there! We had bingo and karaoke, it was great.

What’s your favorite Restaurant?
I’d have to say Marche. It’s more of a breakfast joint but I love the staff there, they’re all lovely women in there, I love the owner. They’re great, they’re friendly and they’re just lovely people. It’s the best menu.

What’s your favorite thing about Nashville?
My favorite thing is the eclectic nature of Nashville, it’s multi-cultural…it’s Music City but there’s a lot more to it. There’s a lot of accomplished creative people and professionals moving here. It’s a nice atmosphere. I don’t know if I could live in L.A. or New York, so Nashville, the pace of it, still feels like a bustling city but it’s not too fast for me. I need simple and Nashville has its fair share of simple as well.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Go to Mas Tacos!

Live On The Green began on August 15th this year but you still have plenty of time to make plans and see a bunch of amazing music. The festival goes every week through Labor Day weekend and when you book at a Hilton property, you’ll get exclusive access to the Hilton Happy Hour on the green for guests and Hilton Honors Members. While you’re here take Lucie’s advice and grab some Tacos on the east side at Mas Tacos and get a nightcap at Dee’s in Madison, you won’t regret it.

I was traveling back home to Nashville a few weeks back and there were several bachelor parties on the flight. A Tennessee local, a man who said he’d lived here for all his life, gave the groom-to-be some solid advice before his first Nashville experience. He said, “Remember son, what happens in Nashville….ends up in a song.”

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