If you decided to visit San Luis Potosí surely you love nature and adventure, and this destination will exceed your expectations. We recommend that you get to know the state of San Luis Potosí, starting with its capital from its capital, which shares its same name. For that reason, we invite you stay in any of our three hotels in this beautiful city: Hampton Inn by Hilton San Luis Potosí, Hilton San Luis Potosí, and Conrad San Luis Potosí. Before exploring the outskirts, get to know all  the places you should visit in the city.

The Templo Del Carmen

The Museums of San Luis Potosí 

You can spend an entire day just visiting museums. in Museo Nacional de la Máscara you will find the most important collection of masks in the country and even some from India and Indonesia. Some of its key pieces include, “El Tlahualil” from Michoacán and the “Centurion” mask. Your family will love Museo Laberinto de las Ciencias y las Artes, which features a cacti labyrinth along with interactive rooms that represent technological, scientific, and artistic advances that will captivate you, including the Room of the Imperceptible and the Room Behind the Colors. Its tower also acts as an observatory and many go see the stars from there. Become a witness to history from the time of evangelization until the agricultural revolution and learn about some of the state’s archeological finds in Museo Regional Potosino. Museo del Ferrocarril boasts an old train station, and you can see trains from other times, but you will also be mesmerized by the miniature replica of the train station.

Capilla de Aranzazú

Capilla de Aranzazú is one of the few built on a second story and the only one with a covered atrium, so it is surely something you haven’t seen before in Mexico or Latin America for that matter. This fun fact alone should be enough to awaken your interest. We also recommend you return at night so you can appreciate the lighting in Plaza de Aranzazú, which previously had housed the horses of the convent of San Francisco. Stop by the historical center, and then take a stroll through Jardín de San Francisco, also known as Jardín Guerrero, which was originally the convent’s square.

Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Potosí

You must also visit the most important monument of the state: Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Potosí. Astonish yourself with the marble statue of the apostles and its two towers. The neoclassical architecture and the balconies of Palacio Monumental, were the Casa de Moneda was previously located, create the perfect setting for a memorable picture.

Discover the Culture 

Teatro de la Paz is one of the four main theaters in the country. So there is always a play, concert, dance recital, or some sort of entertainment going on. You can purchase tickets at the box office. Art lovers will enjoy Templo del Carmen, representative of the baroque style of the city. Camarín de la Virgen del Carmen and Retablo de los Arcángeles< will take your breath away. On that note, make sure to see what is today Centro de las Artes, an eccentric venue, which up until the 20th century had been a prison.

San Luis Potosi country side

Parque Tangamanga I

Lose yourself in the forest of Parque Tangamanga I. It is one of the largest urban parks in the country, and the ideal place if you’re looking to spend a day outdoors with the family, do some exercise or any type of cultural activity. Take advantage of any of its sports fields or take the children to the playground. It also offers museums and outdoor shows.

The City of Gardens 

San Luis Potosí has been coined as the city of gardens. We recommend you take a stroll through its streets to discover these beautiful corners of the world. You can also create a path that leaves from Plaza de Armas towardsPlaza Fundadores, making stops at Jardín de San Juan de Dios, Jardín Colón y Alameda Juan Sarabia. Fountains, monuments, flowers, and pockets of green paradise, will make this a very special journey.

Where to Eat 

All of this nature, art, culture, and magic will surely awaken your appetite. You’re in luck, as San Luis Potosí has plenty of places where you can enjoy a delicious meal. We recommend you have breakfast in Café Cortáo, a traditional Mexican restaurant. To taste the flavors of local cuisine, try Rincón Huasteco or México de Frida. If you’re looking for international food visit La Gran Vía, for the best Spanish food or Almacén del Bife for an elegant Argentinian dinner. You can also find the best pizza in La Santissima.

San Luis Potosí will win your heart with its culture, cuisine and people. Don’t miss out on visiting and staying at any of the Hilton hotels in this incredible and unforgettable city.

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