Puerto Rico is one of the most stupendous places on Earth, but in the past year it’s been a magnet for bad press due to the wreckage caused by Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017. It’s true that the impact of the weather storm was one of worst ever recorded in the States, but with great tragedies come great acts of courage and strength, and the Puerto Rican population is living up to its famed spirit of resilience as it rebuilds its country against all odds.

While remaining respectful to the suffering borne by Puerto Rico in the wake of the devastation, we’re parting the iron curtains and focusing on the brighter landscape emerging from the island on the one-year anniversary of the event. Let’s exercise everything within our power to connect Puerto Rican brothers and sisters and #CoverTheProgress.

A Nature as Friendly as Ever

Puerto Rico synonymous with the diamantine dream of the Caribbean? Hell yeah! As darkly mighty as nature can be, its sunny side blesses Puerto Rico these days. Beaches and resorts have made a stark recovery in these 12 months, so the shades of turquoise, aquamarine, pearl white and tropical green dominate the scene again now.

Puerto Rico’s lavish landscapes includes mountains, waterfalls, forests and an endless marriage of sea and sand along its more than 500 kilometers of coastline. Tourism on the island is picking up a steady tempo, and getting here soon means you’ll share in a pristine environment that’s marked with touches of renewal and freshness from Mother Nature.

Puerto Rico has gotten its postcard looks back, so it’s time to catch your deserved eyeful.

A Caribbean Community with Tenacity

The Caribbean has a mentality of its own, and our choice to shed positive light on Puerto Rico’s progress is in tune with the happy, healthy vibes emitted by the people of the region. The Caribbean has a long history of people uniting to overcome adverse outcomes, and we’re openly endorsing this faith.

It’s completely safe to visit the Caribbean islands at the moment, and the advantage of exploring Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricanes is that you’ll get to watch the community in action and truly pinpoint how your travels are perking up prospects for the drivers, receptionists, chefs, waiters, activity leaders, servicemen and families who will grace your stay with their hospitality.

#CoverTheProgress is not a publicity stunt, but a conscious effort to steer the world audience of the Caribbean stage to peer deeply beyond the headlines and experience the humanity within. Not only are Puerto Ricans fellow beloved Americans, they’re a crucial link in the chain of compassion that links us human beings.

This link is becoming ever more important as we rally together to face and combat challenges such as climate change, which is increasingly fuelling destructive loops in nature. Progress isn’t possible with a negative outlook – we must keep believing we, along with our Puerto Rican family – have the capability to drive meaningful change for the better.

Grassroots campaigners and organizations, volunteers and locals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds are still collaborating hand in hand to restore every space in the country. Talk about beauty working from the inside out!

Calm, Peace and Hope after Calamity

It’s as simple as planning a sweet-tasting vacation to Puerto Rico as soon as you read this. Far from the commercial cries of the industry, our plea is for everyone who has only seen a veiled version of Puerto Rico through news and commentary in the tense vortex of 2017’s end.

Unglue your eyeballs from the screen and discover the miracle of Puerto Rico in flesh and blood – your full presence is needed to appreciate the giant steps this Caribbean community has made in less than one year. Help us #CoverTheProgress too! Once you’re on the island, talk to your surrounding troupe, form a bond with the front-line support champions and share your story with your social media networks.

A bigger, better Puerto Rico is floating within everyone’s reach. Be its guest.

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