The “inhabitants of the land where the grass abounds” are waiting for you, so book now at Hampton Inn by Hilton Zacatecas or the Curio Collection by Hilton Zacatecas Histórico, a new property opening up in the area. Here, not only does grass abound, but also history from the pre-Columbian era and of the Mexican revolution. You will be able to visit the capital city, known as the “Heroic City” because of the famous Taking of Zacatecas, the scene of the biggest and bloodiest battle led by Pancho Villa against the Spaniards. In fact, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared its historic center as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And in addition to being an ideal place for ecological tourism, the best tours offered in Zacatecas take place at night.


There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than walking through the Historic Center at night. This tour in Zacatecas was developed with the traditional Mexican alley in mind. In Zacatecas, this activity is fun for everyone, and will take you through the streets and alleys of the center leaving from the Plaza de Armas towards the Alameda. You will love spotting the donkey carrying loads of grapefruit soda and barrels of mezcal, and the small shot glass you will hang around your neck to take some drinks during your tour so you don’t feel the chill in the air, and which you can also take home as a souvenir. You will also find yourself synchronizing your steps to the sounds of the Zacatecan tamborazo (drum) during the tour. This is such a must-do activity. Get ready to dance, drink and take tons of photos. And that’s not all, the night ends with a buffet. These tours usually take place Thursday through Saturday and typically kick off between 7pm and 8pm. Not participating in an alley tour is like going to the Riviera Maya and not going to the beach or missing out on its nightlife.

Cable car over Zacatecas

Zacatecas Cable Car

One of the most enchanting tours in all of Zacatecas that will make you fall in love and offer endless possibilities for selfies and panoramic views of the city involves riding the Zacatecas cable car at night. What a stunning and unforgettable sight! Fly over the city in a cabin with a glass-bottom floor! Leave your fear of heights at home otherwise make sure to ride in one of the six traditional cabins (with no glass bottom). The cable car connects Cerro de la Bufa with Cerro del Grillo. From here you will be able to take photos of the capital’s iconic monuments and buildings. At your feet, you will see the Historic Center, including the Temple of Santo Domingo and the Basilica Cathedral of Zacatecas. Make the most of this opportunity to take lots of photos as tours are less than 10 minutes long and are offered between 7pm and 10pm.

The Burned

This archeological zone is for true, diehard astronomers. Keep in mind night tours in the mythical Chicomóztoc or “place of the seven caves” are only offered twice a month. That’s right, the consensus is La Quemada coincides with the place of origin of the Aztecs and other indigenous civilizations called Chicomóztoc. At sunset, this tour in Zacatecas will take you to the top of the main pyramid, with plenty of stories along the way and a reenactment of events including a priest and an explorer. The theatrical element and starry skies overhead will make this the most unforgettable night of your life. You can observe phenomena and astronomical bodies through telescopes and the guides’ expertise and love for all things celestial will make you believe you too are an explorer of space and its secrets. In addition, it is a time that young people and adults, couples or singles, friends and families can spend and enjoy together, transporting them to another universe away from the lights and bustle of the city. It is cold at night, so we recommend you dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes.

Night of Legends with the Devil of Zacatecas

A walking and personalized theater is what awaits you on the Zacatecas legends tour. Not only are you going to learn all about the legends, but you can also see many of them brought to life by several actors, among which the Devil stands out. Public participation is key to bringing these reenactments to life. That’s right, it’s kind of an interactive theater with a lot of sense of humor. It consists of two parts, one on a bus and one in the Calderón Theater. We assure you and your family will have fun and it will become a trip highlight. Las Tres Cruces, Cerro de la Bufa and Piedra Negra are just three of the most famous legends of Zacatecas. Las Tres Cruces tells the legend of Don Diego de Gallinar, his beautiful niece Beatriz Moncada and the forbidden love between her and an indigenous man named Gabriel. The Cerro de la Bufa speaks of the treasure hidden in the hill and the hypnotic woman who asks every man who seeks the treasure to take her to the altar and never look back. The Black Stone tells us the story of two miners who find a huge and shiny golden stone and the greed it generates between them. With so much to hear, surely one of the legends will become your favorite.

The El Eden Mine

The Mina Club of the El Eden Mine

Be sure to experience the atmosphere at Disco Night on Saturdays at La Mina Club. This nightclub is the only one in the world actually located inside a mine. It is part of the Eden Mine, which has existed since the mid-16th century and used to produce silver and gold until its flooding and conversion into a tourist spot. To get to the club, you must ride an underground train that will drop you off at the entrance. During the brief tour, you will appreciate the mine illuminated with colored lights and its cracks and history. A really different and authentic party. What better way to get to know the depths of the earth?

Cantina Las Quince Letras

It is the oldest and most traditional cantina in Zacatecas, founded at the beginning of the 20th century. When you enter through its doors you will be transported through time. Music, men in hats, tequila and house cocktails. But it’s this place’s ambiance that really delivers. It is famous for the revolutionaries and notorious characters that have passed through its doors, such as Ángela Ramos Aguilar (Juana Gallo). At present, they say that this canteen attracts celebrities including ambassadors and actors. And if you hadn’t noticed, there are 15 letters in its name, which gives its name a whimsical spin.


All these tours in Zacatecas will surely whet your appetite, so we have planned ahead for you, and compiled a list of recommendations of the best places to dine with your family and friends during your stay in this magnificent and memorable city.

Tradition, art and Mexican food await you at Acropolis Café-Restaurant. Around for more than 70 years, this classic establishment is located in the Historic Center on Avenida Hidalgo. This Zacatecan emblem has a delicious and extensive menu of typical and international food, offering everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and coffee. It has been the meeting place for so many writers, intellectuals and artists over the years. You can appreciate the gallery of images from the past that does not seem so distant and works of art by Miró, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Rafael Coronel and José Luis Bustamante, among others. This is a must during your stay.

If you crave pizza, pasta or wine, we recommend you visit La Traviata Di Verdi. This is undoubtedly the best place in Zacatecas for a great Italian meal, but if you’re looking for more of a fusion cuisine, we recommend Lucky Luciano. Here you will find a variety of options with a Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican flair. Doesn’t that make your mouth water?

Be sure to book a night at Los Dorados de Villa, where typical Mexican food and the past come together to offer you the best culinary experience that will awaken all your senses. You will have dinner in the middle of the Mexican revolution, as the décor is a celebration of its history. Don’t be surprised if you find Pancho Villa or Obregón himself lurking in one of the restaurant’s corners.

The Zacatecans considerLa Cantera Musical to be the very best barbecue. You can delight your palate while enjoying live entertainment all in at a place that feels so oddly and comfortably familiar. We also recommend you set aside another night for visiting La Leyenda, an art gallery as well as a restaurant. On the one hand, it will be difficult for you to stop admiring the Mexican masks and crafts exhibited, but on the other hand, the Mexican aromas and flavors will entice your appetite. If you have time, other top restaurants include Gorditas Doña Julia, El Paraíso, El Pueblito, Bar la Bonita and Casa Iacono.

Zacatecas is a Mexican jewel. Don’t think twice, book now at Hampton Inn by Hilton Zacatecas or the Curio Collection by Hilton Zacatecas Histórico. We advise you to pack for a cooler climate when you come to visit this beautiful and eccentric city, as it is 2,440 meters above sea level. This means that your nights will be chilly but certainly packed with all kinds of fun. Now that you know what to do in Zacatecas and the various tour offerings available to you in this magnificent city, there’s no time like the present. Come and enjoy it for yourself.

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