On Thursday, July 18th, 2019, the staff at Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino put together a spectacular birthday celebration honoring their beloved hotel. Occupied by tourists from around the world, the past 60 years of the Hilton Aruba’s history are jam packed with priceless memories, exciting adventures, and beautiful experiences adding up to one breathtakingly magical resort. Because of all this, it was only fitting to honor the establishment with a celebration like no other.

Upon arrival, the hotel’s guests were greeted with fresh, complimentary Aruba Aribas; a classic beverage invented by a bartender at the hotel in 1963. Comprised of vodka, white rum, grand marnier, creme de banana, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and grenadine, it wasn’t long before the island of Aruba fell in love with the beverage’s tropical flavors and it became one of the most popular tropical cocktails in the Caribbean. The beverages were distributed by girls dressed in traditional attire, greeting guests as they walk into the hotel. The first 60 guests to arrive also received treat boxes packed with sweets and a kind welcome message.

In each room, guests found a special invitation to a cocktail party held at the lobby bar. Those who attended received yet another complimentary Aruba Ariba, munched on local snacks, had the chance to be entered in a raffle for prizes, and listened to a speech given by the hotel’s general manager, Vasco Baselli. The hotel was festively decorated for a party, including photo ops created by photo backdrops, props, and balloons.

Moving to the beach and pool area, guests were pleased to find the celebration continued! Tiki huts used for shade were party-ready, decked out with balloons and other decorations in the exquisite ocean-blue theme color. Guests snacked on cupcakes (boasting the 60th anniversary logo) distributed at the towel hut, refreshing grape skewers, and popsicles. If that didn’t cool them down enough, cold towels were distributed at the pool as well.

Given the resort’s vast popularity and prestigious distinction among the island’s residents, the event was followed by a sizable amount of local news coverage! The buzz among the media was inextinguishable, with story coverage in multiple local newspapers, websites, radio stations, and social media pages.  With 60 years of tropical fun on an island with such rich, colorful culture, it’s no wonder tourists continue to choose Hilton’s Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino time and time again. What better place to create magical memories you’ll dream of long after you’ve returned home? Come find out what all the buzz is about and experience the warm sunshine, blue waters, and incomparable hospitality of Hilton Aruba.

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