When you visit all-inclusive resorts, you can find yourselves not worrying about where to eat, but, instead you will worry about what to eat next. There are a variety of food and drinks available 24 hours a day at all-inclusive resorts that will allow every member of your family to satisfy their appetites and quench for thirst (umbrella drinks included) whenever the desire hits them.

Our recent vacation to the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort has created somewhat of a monster in my child. He loved the all-inclusive food option so much that he informed me that he will “never vacation unless it is an all-inclusive resort.” The wristband on his arm was his ticket to paradise in his eyes.

For the Mom in me, that wristband meant added savings to my wallet. I have found that growing young boys “require” enormous amounts of hamburgers and french fries while on vacation. And, in our case, my son tends to require steak and seafood as well. I should also mention that he became quite fond of the variety of perfectly sliced fruits, juices and desserts that he could have with every meal. In fact, became such a pro at the buffet line, that he’d take a break from the pool, dry off and visit the main dining area for a mid-day refueling pit stop. This Mom loved not worrying about the infamous “cha-ching” of the cash register all day long.

Going back to those umbrella drinks, the “blender artists” could create just about anything you requested, both with or without alcohol to fit the needs of everyone  in your family including Pina Colada’s, Mai Tai’s, Margaritas and the list goes on. Now that I think about it, my son might have been right, that wristband is a ticket to paradise.

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