A visit to South Florida is made complete with a trip to Sawgrass Mills, the second-most visited attraction in the Sunshine State with 30 to 40 million people passing through annually. Here you’ll find more than 350 stores and outlets, 15 restaurants, two food courts, a movie theater and much more.

With so much to shop and see and do, we’ve compiled some insider tips to help you make the most of your time.

Where to Park

As you might expect of an attraction of this magnitude, there is ample parking at Sawgrass Mills.  Popular parking areas are the garage at The Colonnade Outlets and around Bed Bath & Beyond; those in the know easily find parking near Super Target and the garage near Nordstrom Rack. Take advantage of the walk to get your steps in for the day! Once you’ve parked, snap a photo of the entrance that’s closest to you; the four main Avenues are numbered and all entrances are color coded (blue, yellow, green, orange) Valet parking is also available.

Photo Courtesy of Sawgrass Mills

Make a Plan

Making your way through the more than 350 stores and outlets at Sawgrass Mills takes time, and it’s time well spent to have a plan in-hand when you arrive. The center is divided into three distinct shopping experiences – The Oasis, The Colonnade Outlets and the interior with the main anchor stores. The digital map on the website and the Simon app are useful tools when it comes to planning.

Grab a Bite

When it comes to dining, there are myriad options at Sawgrass Mills. The Garden Food Court (Avenue 4) and the Market Food Court (Avenue 1) are filled with flavors from around the world. Or, choose from any of the 15 restaurants and sit and stay awhile, from conveyor belt sushi to a Brazilian steakhouse, gourmet burgers to healthy dishes at Seasons 52.

Fun Fact

If you wonder why alligator heads welcome shoppers at each entrance of Sawgrass Mills, you’re not alone. The original layout of the attraction, which opened in October 1990, was in the shape of an alligator; homage is paid to the design with the alligator heads at each of the street entrances.

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