Famous for its architecture and great avenues, Mexico City also offers beautiful landscapes, perfect for nature lovers. If you want to enjoy a height experience, think no more and explore the Nevado de Toluca, a beautiful snowed volcano, and the fourth tallest peak in Mexico, that is very near from the great capital.

Winter in Mexico City is the perfect season to explore the closest peaks to it, one of the most impressive is the Nevado de Toluca, a semi-active volcano, located between the Tenango and Toluca valleys. To get there you must take a tour of approximately three hours, until you reach the Nevado de Toluca’s National Park.

The road to climb the mountain is itself an experience: little by little the air becomes purer, and the landscape begins to fill with pine trees, firs and conifers, which ,give freshness to the environment. At this point, if you think the landscape is beautiful you haven’t seen anything yet: once you reach the top of the volcano, the panorama will take your breath away.

It is recommended to visit the Nevado de Toluca with an expedition or special guidance, because the road is winding. Be well prepared! To access to the crater, you must climb by foot or by bike, since cars are not allowed to enter the top. Another advice is to arrive with warm clothes: you will experience low temperatures at the foothills and at the peak. In the same way, wear dark lenses (the sunburst and light reflection can damage your eyesight) and be well hydrated (carry water supplies).

Once at the peak, the view will completely dazzle you: the crater is surrounded by two crystalline lagoons, and the natural sounds of the mountain create a perfect environment to meditate and relax. Once your adventure is over, you can descend to the nearby town and Parque de los Venados, to taste delicious typical food, such as: quesadillas, sopes, and an exquisite hot fruit-based drink, called ponche.

If you love ecotourism or you simply want to immerse yourself in spectacular landscapes during your stay in Mexico City, you need to visit the Nevado de Toluca. But before, the most important: to book a first class stay with us.

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