Adventure, fantasy and fun are just a few things you’ll feel when visiting the Ontario Science Centre. With more than 600 activities in 10 exhibit halls, there is something for everyone to experience.

Here are a few exhibits you can take in on your visit to the Science Centre!

Celebration Way

Start off your day in Celebration Way where you can explore how several fields of science, from human biology to space exploration have changed since 1969!

The Planetarium

This is Toronto’s only public planetarium. Take a journey through the universe to learn more about our cosmic neighbours with a variety of interactive shows.

The AstraZeneca Human Edge

Here you can explore the potential and limits of the human body. Plummet into the mind of a free diver, take on a climbing wall and see what it takes to summit one of the greatest peaks in the world, Mount Everest!

Cohon Family Nature Escape

Now it’s time to step out of the Science Centre and into the heart of the Don River Valley ravine. Explore paths, outdoor exhibits and activities from late spring to fall. This is a unique backyard experience featuring a giant Baltimore oriole nest, a porous concrete wall that provides a canvas for live moss graffiti and a tree slide carved from the fallen trunk of a 125-year-old Eastern White Pine!

Living Earth

Try and spot the poison dart frog as your stroll through a rain forest. Crawl through a cave, touch a tornado and check out the coral reef for an amazing natural science experience.

The Maple Lead Forever Tree

This features 35 hand-carved leaves depicting a historically-significant person, place or event in Toronto’s history. More than 10,000 hours went into carving this sculpture which was inspired by Alexander Muir’s 1867 song “Maple Leaf Forever”.


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