I can whole-heartedly say that my adventures in Saint Lucia are by far my most prized memories from this island paradise. I’m not particularly an adrenaline junkie but during my visit, I was particularly inclined to try new things, such as going zip lining, mountain biking and driving through the rain forest. After going on a different adventure each day, I was grateful to come back to Harbor Club St. Lucia to enjoy all of its sweet comforts and be pampered. Come explore St. Lucia zip lines, watersports and other adventures like you’ve never seen before.

St. Lucia Zip Lining, Mountain Biking, & Driving

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Dennery is the island’s adventure jewel. At TreeTop Adventure Park, I defied gravity, challenged myself, and put my sense of direction to the test, all while marveling at the island’s natural perfection. You can choose from several half, whole, or multi day adventure combinations. For an additional $10 USD, they pick you up at the Harbor Club St. Lucia, as the Dennery is about an hour away from the hotel.

Leaving at 9:30 AM, for $225 USD, I had a blast with the 6-hour Drive and Fly combo, which allows you to experience the speed and height of St. Lucia zip lines, and provides a unique way of getting to know the island with you in the driver seat of a buggy. The remarkable views make this an unforgettable experience. If you prefer a half-day plan, for $50 USD you can bike through the rainforest and bathe at the stunning Dennery waterfall.

St. Lucia Sea Trek Helmet Diving, Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

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Discover the Pitons underwater while you delight in the island’s colorful marine wildlife. Starting at $100 USD, coral reefs, sponges, and shipwrecks are just some of the natural extravaganzas to explore in the popular dives of Anse Chastanet, Fairy Land, and Coral Gardens. But right in your backyard, Dive Saint Lucia (DSL) is the Harbor Club’s onsite scuba diving center.

I was especially nervous to do the Sea Trek Helmet dive. However, my nerves were unwarranted. This 1-hour out-of-body experience was so easy, awe-inspiring, and worth every penny of the $100 USD it costs. Since Pigeon Island National Park is a 10-minute boat shuttle from the Harbor Club, I booked the 2 PM dive. I really think this is what walking on the moon must actually feel like. If I could persuade you to try one thing while visiting the island, it would definitely be this. It’s one of the best St. Lucia attractions, and one I would experience time and time again.

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St. Lucia Kayaking & Flyboarding

After a 9 AM lesson with an experienced and friendly guide, I departed on my kayaking tour through the Caribbean’s blue and green waters. Starting at around $70 USD, you can paddle along Marigot Bay to the Roseau River, Rodney Bay, the Pitons or to Pigeon Island, among many others. Because the Harbor Club is on the Rodney Bay Marina, I chose the half day paddle from Rodney Bay to Pigeon Island. Also, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you and a friend can windsurf and kiteboard at Sandy Beach for a couple of hours or a whole day at The Reef Kite & Surf Center, which is just one hour away from the Harbor Club.

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Another of the thrilling attractions of St. Lucia is flyboarding. I was a little anxious to try it but for around $100 USD you get 30 minutes of this unique water sport that allows you to fly through water. (Pro tip: Make sure to wear a t-shirt because if you fall or dive, the water pressure might unfasten your bathing suit).

From St. Lucia zip lines to scuba diving, this island has it all for both adventure-seekers and first-timers. After all the fun and excitement that will fill each one of your days, I highly recommend a full-body massage or going for a cocktail and a scrumptious dinner at Harbor Club St. Lucia before turning in for the night, until your next adventure in St. Lucia begins.

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