Surly Brewing Company’s Destination Brewery is the epicenter of Minneapolis’ booming Prospect Park neighborhood.

The massive Beer Hall & Restaurant has 25-35 rotating taps at all times, from world-renowned beers like Furious, Xtra-Citra, and Darkness to beer hall-only experiments featuring hazy IPAs and Kettle Sours.

And while the beer is everything, it’s not the only thing. The food menu is geared to play off the beer menu, with ample options for drinkers and non-drinkers alike.  Enjoy shareables like the charcuterie board and our beloved hog frites (or keep them all to yourself, we don’t judge), or entrees like cauliflower tacos and shrimp & grits.

The Beer Hall is a family friendly, so feel free to bring the kids. Weather permitting, check out the kid-and-dog-friendly Beer Garden for an Instagram-ready experience.

Minnesotans are notorious for making the most of all kinds of weather, especially in our kid-and-dog-friendly Beer Garden. Grab a beer, select your preferred Instagram filter, and relax amid the ample fire pits.

If you want to mix some knowledge in with your visit, be sure to take The Best Free Brewery Tour in the Known Universe. Learn more about how Surly beer gets from these giant tanks into your glass, and the secret origins of how a mom-and-pop abrasives factory in the Minneapolis suburbs laid the groundwork for one of America’s leading craft breweries.

Finally, commemorate your visit with a stop at our Company Store, where you can find 200+ items of clothing, accessories, glassware, and merchandise.


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