Come marvel at the two sides of San Luis Potosí, where colonial architecture meets the modern world to create a cheerful and fun city that evokes the past in the midst of innovation. Take advantage and stay at any of our 3 hotels in this beautiful city: Hampton Inn by Hilton San Luis Potosí, Hilton San Luis Potosí or Conrad San Luis Potosí. And if you are already visiting, almost 5 hours from the capital city, in the municipality of Aquismón, remains one of the most popular and magnificent natural attractions of the local culture, the Sótano de las Golondrinas, which loosely translates to the basement of the swallows, which you can’t miss during your visit if you are looking for an adventure.

¿What is the Sótano de las Golondrinas?
The Sótano de las Golondrinas is a unique and spectacular subterranean abyss that seems to have no bottom, positioning it as the sixth deepest abyss in the world, and it also happens to be a home to thousands of swallows. Just seeing it in photos sparks a little curiosity and a touch of fear, all at the same time. The Mexican government has declared it a Mexican Protected Area and Natural Monument.

You’ll be able to experience first-hand a scene which is only seen in movies, when hundreds of bats come out of the hole where Bruce Wayne falls in the movie Batman. However, in this case, instead of bats you’ll see thousands of swallows spiral out at dawn, announcing the start of a new day, returning at dusk to sleep. It’s just amazing! While the swallows fly free, you have the opportunity to explore their home. To do this, you only need to like ecotourism, walking and challenges, as you will have to descend almost 600 steps. And remember, all the steps you took to go down you must also climb back up again, so get ready for a ride that will test your fitness.

¿What can you do at the Sótano de las Golondrinas?

Ecotourism, extreme tourism, adrenaline, adventure, mystery and challenges are just some of the words that describe this Mexican destination. Base jumping, rappel and caving, the new sport that invites you to explore natural caves, are just some of the extreme sports that you will be able to practice in this local jewel. That’s right, you can even skydive from a fixed platform to enter an underground world. Can you imagine that free fall? Clearly, it’s not for everyone.

To give you an idea, its opening is 60 meters in diameter and it has a depth of 512 meters, of which 376 meters are a vertical drop. Just thinking about it gives you gives you goose bumps. If this isn’t challenging enough for you, you might as well rappel down. Entering this cave tethered to a rope is definitely very brave, not to mention the mental and physical challenge of the ascent. Keep in mind, these activities can only take place once the birds have taken flight. It is strictly forbidden to do so during their nesting season (between April and June). Going down to the basement takes about 30 minutes and the ascent can take up to two hours, depending on how fast or slow you want to go.

This destination has no natural light, so this is an adventure like no other. Have you ever wanted to be an explorer? This is your chance to become one and live this unique experience in the flesh.

Hilton Hotels are proponents of clean and sustainable tourism. As you descend to the depths of the earth, remember not to leave anything behind that could potentially pollute it. The safety of our visitors is our first priority, so we emphasize the importance of following safety guidelines, including staying on marked trails. For your convenience, we recommend you contract a tour with a professional operator and bring one or two bottles of water, shoes and comfortable clothing, but avoid carrying too much weight so you minimize the chance of you slipping on the rocks.

We hope you enjoy your visit to San Luis Potosi, and embark on this expedition that will take you to live an extreme and memorable experience.

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