From hidden gems within the city to a short trek into nature, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver have some thrilling attractions for adventurous travellers.

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Winnipeg, MB

FortWhyte Alive: A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and its People

FortWhyte Alive is 640 acres of urban greenspace dedicated to education, sustainability, and conservation. While there are many different activities on site, the A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and its People ecotour combines the best of the Bison Safari with canoeing and history. A Canadian Signature Experience, this ecotour gives you a chance to get up close to Canada’s only urban bison herd in its natural habitat before you paddle in a historic voyageur canoe and continue your tour of the area and its cultural history and tastes.

The Club d`escalade de Saint-Boniface (CESB) Ice Climbing Tower

Right in the heart of Winnipeg’s French Quarter, the Ice Climbing Tower is open December through March for ice climbing right in the city. This free-standing ice-climbing tower was the first of its kind in North America when it opened in 1996. With 3 sides, it offers various degrees of difficulty and even provides the opportunity for night climbing. Test your free climbing skills, your ability to climb through the Winnipeg winter conditions, and your nerves.

Narcisse Snake Dens

A third of all adults are afraid of snakes – and even more find them at least creepy. In spring and fall, test your resolve with a visit to the Narcisse Snake Dens. About an hour from Winnipeg, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes slither around the four dens in the area. Late April/Early May is the best time to go, but on a sunny day in the fall you can also catch a lot of action. The 3-kilometre trail connecting all four dens allows you to pair your day with a great hike as well.

Edmonton, AB

Snow Tubing at Sunridge

Whether you are going with friends or with your family, snow tubing at Sunridge is a must if you are in Edmonton in the winter. Three different runs and a dedicated tubing lift make this a unique winter tubing experience. Fly down the hill in the winter for thrills and chills.

Edmonton International Raceway: 10 Lap Stock Car Test Drive Experience

Have you ever watched a stock car race? It’s fast-paced and exhilarating to watch. Now imagine hopping behind the wheel at the Edmonton International Raceway for their 10 Lap Stock Car Test Drive Experience. Start with a walk around the track with your instructor and then take a spin behind the wheel. Feel the adrenaline pumping and the power of the car. You’ll get a taste of what drivers experience during a race.

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5D Extreme Attraction

Newly opened in West Edmonton Mall, the 5D Extreme Attraction touches on all of the senses with movement, water, wind, and surround screens. It is the first of its kind in Canada and gives you the opportunity to be a sheriff in a Wild West simulation or experience a chilling encounter with a shark. It’s new, it’s thrilling, and it’s a must experience attraction in Edmonton if you like VR and other similar experiences.

Vancouver, BC

Grouse Mountain Skyride: Skyride Surf Adventure

Take your Skyride to the next level – literally. The Skyride Surf Adventure let’s you take in the gorgeous panoramic views from the ride while sitting on the roof. At 1,610m long, the Skyride is North America’s largest aerial tramway system. Why not ride on top to get the best views of the city and nature as your ride up the mountain?

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First Flight Paragliding

If you have ever dreamed of flying like a bird, paragliding is as close to it as you will get. First Flight Paragliding at Grouse Mountain offers you the opportunity to throw yourself off the side of the mountain and soar above the trees, landing 3,300 feet below where your started. They even offer tandem flights if you are less experienced.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: CliffWalk

The Capilano Suspension Bridge originally opened in 1889 and is the oldest attraction in Vancouver. If you have ever walked across the 450-foot bridge that is suspended 230 feet above the river, you know that it is a little unnerving. CliffWalk is a Canadian Signature Experience and a newer attraction in the area. It allows you to walk on 700-feet of narrow pathways suspended out of the side of cliffs along the canyon. Enjoy the unobstructed views and the gorgeous natural surroundings.

Photo Credit: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Some Canadian attractions aren’t for the faint of heart. Whether it tests your physical ability or your nerves, these attractions are just waiting for the adventurer in you.


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