If you have your eye on Aguascalientes as your next vacation destination, don’t think twice about it. This place offers a world of culture, fun and landscapes, and we’ve prepared a carefully curated list of recommendations of what to do in Aguascalientes. Don’t wait any longer, make your reservation at any of our two hotels – Hilton Garden Inn Aguascalientes or Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Aguascalientes – and come and visit the best tourist spots of Aguascalientes with your family or friends.

National Fair of San Marcos

This classic Mexican event takes place between April and May. It has become very popular as it is internationally recognized, so we recommend you schedule your trip near these dates. Not only is it the most important fair in the country but it is considered to be one of the top 10 fairs in the world. If you’re wondering, what’s so special, here are some highlights:

  • It is the main economic source for thousands of residents in Aguascalientes and it is financed through sponsorships from the private sector and their income goes to government programs.
  • The fair is celebrated in the capital in Garden of San Marcos, where you can also visit the Temple of San Marcos. San Marcos is the patron saint of Aguascalientes, and in the garden, you will can find all types of street food vendors to ignite all of your senses, especially your taste buds.
  • The Fiesta Brava is led by bulls and palenque, and is also marked by the Teatro del Pueblo.
  • Bullfights are held and are a big attraction. The bullfighting party awaits you in the Monumental Bullring of Aguascalientes, where some of the greatest national and international bullfighters come to face the region’s first-class cattle. The square receives about 15,000 spectators daily during this three-week time period.
  • Palenque refers to concerts by some of the most well-known musical acts, and admission is paid. For example, in 2019 guest artists included Alejandro Fernández, Piso 21, Mijares, Ana Gabriel, Sebastián Yatra, among many others.
  • El Teatro del Pueblo is the forum for the stars. This stage features performances by national musicians who offer free concerts. Artists such as Ricardo Montaner, Cristian Castro, Bunbury, Caifanes and Molotov have passed through here.
  • You will love the activities found at Livestock Expo, such as the chance to milk goats, visit the children’s farm, attend livestock sales, participate in livestock competitions, see horse shows, among others.
  • On San Marcos Island you will find mechanical games, zip lines and climbing walls among other attractions for children and families. This amusement park is a mandatory stop.

Those who have had the chance to experience the San Marcos Fair have said that it is an event where one can truly feel the Mexican heart and its spirit. A party that competes with the best in the world, so you have to go at least once in your lifetime.

The Tourist Spots of Aguascalientes

Death Related

In the capital, the importance of death and its influence in Mexican art and culture can be most appreciated at the National Museum of Death. When walking through the rooms you will forget that death is a sad thing or something to mourn. On the contrary, here you will can see various colorful displays depicting death in different ways, which gives you a glimpse into understanding how Mexicans look at death as a celebration of life. We recommend you visit the museum’s souvenir shop and take a skull keychain as a memento.

If you enjoy the morbidity and humor around death, the José Guadalupe Posada Museum in the capital will certainly intrigue you. Here you can see the cartoons and engravings of the creator of the Catrina and his representations of everyday situations with skulls. There is also a tribute to him at the Calaveras Festival. To learn more about day of the dead traditions in Aguascalientes and Mexico, please visit.

Adventure and ecological activities

The adventure of your life awaits you in the municipality of San José de Gracia. The suspension bridges of the Boca de Túnel Adventure Park will raise your adrenaline and make you feel alive. If you like to challenge yourself physically, don’t think twice, come and experience the best extreme tourism in Aguascalientes. Pure air, nature and zip lines will accompany you during this challenge. Those who love trekking will enjoy crossing the tunnel to the center of the Earth to the fullest. You can also go horseback riding or take advantage of the bike trail to tour the park. At the end of the day, you will feel peacefully exhausted and proud for conquering this unique and beautiful challenge. If you have any energy left when it’s all over, we recommend you visit Calles Dam and the Broken Christ, a sculpture that lacks an arm and a leg.

El Sabinal natural park will allow you to breathe in pure air among the forest of sabine trees, characterized by its wide trunks. In this park, you will be surrounded by trees that are well over 400 years old. In addition, this forest houses raccoons, armadillos and birds. You will feel in a completely different world surrounded by the contrast of the lush green vegetation and the red tones of the trees. It is the ideal picnic spot.

At Casa Leal, you must have some wine and learn about the region’s history. The Ríos vineyards are the most prosperous in the area, both in production and size. You can embark on a truly immersive oenophilic experience complete with guided tours, taking you from cultivation to production and tasting. If you happen to schedule your vacation in August, you can enjoy the harvest the last three Saturdays of the month.

Historical and cultural sights

If you have children, they will love the Railway Museum in the capital, where you can tour an old train station, and the best part of this museum is you will be able to walk on the wagons and listen to the impressive stories of the railway. When leaving, be sure to walk through the Plaza de las Tres Centurias.

A jewel of Aguascalientes is the magical town of Real de Asientos. Among the colonial religious buildings, which are the former Convent of Lord Tepozán (the patron of the miners), the Parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem (where you can see a very special sculpture of Jesus) and the Sanctuary of the Virgin Guadalupe. Next to the sanctuary, you will find the oldest cemetery in Aguascalientes, featuring incredible murals. And if you are not the squeamish type, make sure to visit at night and descend through the underground tunnels of the parish so you can walk beneath the graves. This experience will surely give you goosebumps, especially because it is accompanied by gloomy legends, but you will find a prize at the end of the tour, and here’s a clue: bring a coin so you can make a wish.

The landscape alone is worth the journey to discover the Hidden Aqueduct of Asientos. The most interesting thing about this aqueduct is that, although it was built to bring water to the town, it also became an escape route for criminals. But what will really be the icing on the cake of your vacation is hopping onboard the Piojito Train. Rather than your typical train, you will be taken by a tractor connected by colored cars to the Sunken Mine, where you will traverse different areas and get to know this town from a different perspective, as well as get up close and personal with its mysteries and history.

Hot springs

And what is Aguascalientes, if not for the hot springs that give it the city its name. In the magical town of Calvillo, the pools and slides of El Oasis Spa await you. Refresh and relax with your friends and family. But if an aquatic adventure is what you’re after, we recommend the Las Palpas Recreational Spa and its dragon slide which will get your heart racing. At the Ojo Caliente Sports Center, there are areas where both children and adults can learn to swim. El Palomar Spa offers green areas where you can have a picnic as well as slides and hot springs pools to enjoy and rest. The La Cueva Water Park is for adults only as it requires crossing waterfalls to reach the cave inside the park. The Ojocaliente Spa is the classic tourist must-see spot in Aguascalientes for those looking to enjoy the hot springs.


We recommend La Saturnita, La Cenaduría San Antonio, La Mestiza Yucateca for a complete, traditional and delectable dining experience. Anyone who has visited Mexico knows that street food is the best part of the visit, which is why we recommend Los Tres García, Don Chuy Tortas and Goros Colosio. And do not miss the feast of food stalls located in Juárez market.

Now that you know what to do and where to go in Aguascalientes, you also know this is a destination with so much to offer when it comes to giving you the very best vacation. However, it is its mysteries and intrigue which make it the most inviting. Don’t leave this stone unturned and book your holiday now at any of our Hilton Hotels – Hilton Garden Inn Aguascalientes or the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Aguascalientes – for an escape unlike any other.

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