Unless you are lucky enough to getaway to somewhere warm, the holidays often mean chilly weather, cozy sweaters, and curling up by the fireplace (or heater for those of us that don’t have a fireplace!). And there is nothing more perfect than sipping something delicious while you are cozied up. While most of us gravitate towards red wine, Irish Cream, and rich spiced drinks, here are a few unexpected holiday cocktails to shake – or stir – things up a bit. From Lemonade to coconut and raspberry, it might be time to bundle up and get out of the house to try these out to liven up your holiday cheer.

Unexpected Holiday Flavours

Ruby Red and Rosemary Honey

Bartholomew’s Pub in Victoria is serving up some fresh, local tastes with their Ruby Red and Rosemary Honey cocktail. Sustainably made honey from Local Babe’s Honey farm is highlighted by a refreshing citrus taste. While lemonade grapefruit juice are traditionally known as summer drinks because of their sweet, tart, and bright flavours, the mixture with honey and rosemary creates an unexpected comfort for the holidays. Plus, who doesn’t need a dose of vitamin C to ward off that lingering cold?

French Martini

The French Martini isn’t new. In fact, with so many different combinations, the French Martini is always a favourite. However, the sweet, black raspberry flavours make it a not-so-obvious choice for the holidays. Stages Kitchen & Bar in Edmonton is serving up French Martinis for your latest holiday get together. So, transport yourself back to the cocktail renaissance and to the sophisticated tastes of France without stepping on an airplane at all this holiday season.

The Vegas

The name says it all. This is a warm weather getaway in a cocktail. The Hilton Lac-Leamy Hotel & Casino, is serving up your dream night out in Vegas – the one that you enjoyed so much and wanted to keep it a secret, but your friend posted about it already on social media. Think coconut, white cranberry juice, fruit-infused vodka, and – to top it off – a fluffy cloud of cotton candy. Definitely a step away from traditional holiday flavours, but worth the visit to the Lac-Leamy Casino.

Reimagined favourites

If you are a holiday cocktail Scrooge and don’t want to try something too different, here are a few flavours that are reimagined traditional cocktails.

Caramel Apple Moscow Mule

The Garden Grille & Bar in Calgary is serving up a classic version of the Moscow Mule, which is delicious and sure to warm you up this holiday season. Tundra lounge in Toronto is doing things a bit differently with their Caramel Apple Moscow Mule. With the same kick from the ginger beer (it had to get the name Mule from somewhere!), Tundra has introduced apple cider and caramel syrup in a perfect combination to warm you from the tips of your fingers to your toes. This updated classic is sure to become your new favourite, especially around the holidays.

Montreal Mule

Not to be outdone, SIX Resto Lounge in Montreal created their own spin on the classic Moscow Mule – the Montreal Mule. If the Moscow Mule got its name because it is a vodka-based cocktail, SIX Resto Lounge put a French twist on it by using Chambord for a distinctly blackberry flavour. They are also using White Keys, a local vodka distilled in Montreal.

Smoked Maple Old Fashioned

Another classic with a twist,  Mosaic Kitchen, Bar & Lounge in Mississauga has reimagined the classic Old Fashioned cocktail with quintessential Canadian flavor. What is more Canadian than Pure Canadian Maple Syrup? While it’s a twist on a classic Mosaic, it has actually added more holiday flavour into the recipe. Really, an Old Fashioned is basically a shot of whisky, neat. But if you like your whisky, you are sure to love this Canadian twist with added flavours of Maple syrup, cherry, orange, and walnut.

So, grab a cocktail with friends and celebrate everything you love about the holiday season!

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