Durango is known for its inspiring waterfalls, transformative hot springs and natural areas where visitors can enjoy various activities such as hiking, canoeing and even climbing. In addition, it is famous for its scorpions, which is why many companies and organizations include this arthropod in their trade names. Aside from being famous for being the birthplace of the notorious Pancho Villa, this city also has a thriving cultural scene housing important museums and art galleries. Durango is a premier tourist destination, so don’t wait any longer, book now at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Durango and experience an incredible vacation.

Ojuela Suspension Bridge

Among the things to do in Durango, we recommend you visit the ghost town of Ojuela. Ojuela was a mining town, located north of the state of Durango. Its booming era was at the end of the 17th century, when the first mineral deposit was discovered. By the end of the 18th century, 7 profit farms had been established for 13 different mines. By the 19th century, the Spanish mine owners got tired of how difficult it was to generate profits from the mining business and sold the site to a Mexican company, which decided to bet on the hill in front of Ojuela. To shorten distances and reduce transport costs, German Santiago Minhguin took on the great task of building a bridge.

Ojuela Suspension Bridge

Minghuin built the architectural masterpiece known as the Ojuela Suspension Bridge, which is said to be the third longest suspension bridge in Latin America. The bridge is over a ravine approximately 100 meters deep and has a length of 318 meters. It is worth noting that the two original towers survive, however, the original wiring was replaced by steel cables.

The mine reached its maximum production after the Mexican Revolution. To give you an idea, between 1922 and 1925, 687 kilograms of gold and 99,820 kilos of silver were extracted, along with more than 51 million kilos of lead and one million kilos of copper. The 3,000 miners of that time met at the end of the day in the bars of Ojuela for drinks and tequilas. However, since 1950 this area was completely abandoned, and left to the mercy of the elements and the passage of time. That’s right, today, Ojuela is a ghost town.

When visiting Durango, you have a lot to choose from, but the first thing you should do when you arrive in this incredible city is to come to the Ojuela Suspension Bridge, where you will test your courage and character, while you see one of the most impressive bridges in all Latin America and challenge yourself to cross it.

Currently, the Ojuela Suspension Bridge is used only by pedestrians. It’s worth noting the bridge was renovated in 1991, and that this is truly an unforgettable experience because when you cross it you must also cross a supremely narrow, gravel road. Now let’s talk about crossing this monstrous and magnificent bridge. Crossing the Ojuela Suspension Bridge, is easier said than done, especially considering the arid landscape and where it is located, given the bridge receives a strong breeze as it’s nestled between two hills. Crossing the bridge is only for the brave! Upon crossing it, the combination of terror, emotion and nerves will run through your blood and make your adrenaline spike. You will feel your heart jumping out of your chest, but at the same time, you will know that you have achieved a feat like no other and that you are among a select group of people who have managed to cross this magnificent bridge.

The Zone of Silence 

The border between Durango, Chihuahua and Cohauila is called the Zone of Silence due to the proliferation of the natural magnetic fields of the area, which block and create interference between radial frequencies. Therefore, nothing is heard, hence its name. Many people compare and match it with the famous Bermuda Triangle, considering it the Mexican version of this phenomenon. In fact, it was established that both places are located at the same latitude, on the 27th parallel. It is worth noting that on this same latitude you will find the Pyramids of Giza and the Himalayas. Coincidence? Some don’t think so. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that around this place there are various theories, legends and myths and many people have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The Zone of Silence

This area was discovered in the 1970s after an American test missile aimed at a base in New Mexico was lost in the middle of the desert. However, due to a technical error it ended up in the Zone of Silence. What a mistake! Keeping everything secret, the Americans searched for this missile tirelessly until they found it, about 3 weeks later. The group that carried out this important mission reported many anomalies and issues with their communications.

Interestingly, after conducting a series of tests on the lost missile, they discovered that it recorded small amounts of a radioactive element, specifically cobalt 57. This began countless conspiracy theories, myths and legends, also driven by the population and Mexican media who closely followed the event.

Due to the attention received and the continuous reports of problems with radio waves, the Mexican government decided to intervene. It is speculated that a site research team was established, under the cover of being a flora and fauna research team. For conspiracy theorists, the establishment of the team, the event with the missile, along with the radio interferences, equal too many unexplainable events to be classified as coincidences.

Another much smaller event that also took place in what is known as the Zone of Silence, was that the cover of the propeller of the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo broke and just fell there. Very mysterious, right? Many reports talk about individuals who get lost in the desert and receive help from other people in the midst of that desolation. But does this indicate something supernatural or simply the greatness of nature?

The most interesting thing about the whole thing is that to this day, this area is closed to tourists in order to preserve the ecosystem, exponentially increasing the ideas that something strange happens in this place. Why? Are they hiding something? What do you think, are these unfounded ideas of conspiracy or are we facing a half truth? These theories were further exacerbated by the stories of visitors from other planets. Do you think we are facing a supernatural phenomenon? Come to Durango and explore it for yourself.

We have very little evidence about what happens in the Zone of Silence. What we do know is that the region is rich in magnetite. This mineral is characterized by acting as a natural magnet, and it is even known as a magnet stone. This could be a possible explanation for the interference in communications. In addition, we are talking about a deserted area previously covered by the Thetis Sea and, therefore, it is very common to find fossils or ancient vestiges that would seem suspicious under a cloud of secrets and conspiracy.

The Zone of Silence is a real nail-biter of a topic, and makes us question what we consider to be true. Is it equivalent to what is known as Area 51 in the United States? Could it be that magnetic distortions are due to extraterrestrial beings? Why do we always relate magnetism to visitors from another planet? Explore the Silence Zone yourself to identify what is happening in this magical place.

Whether you decide to go to the ghost town of Ojuela with its vestiges of a practically forgotten past or if you decide to know about conspiracy theories and UFO sightings in the Zone of Silence, Durango has a lot of mystery and history to offer you. Take advantage and explore as much as you can.

Other interesting activities in Durango include visiting its capital and:

Getting to know the Historic Center, which the Organization of the United Nations Units for Education, Science and Culture declared a World Heritage Site. Be sure to stop by the Immaculate Conception Minor Basilica Cathedral and the Casa del Conde del Valle de Súchil
Visiting the Paseo del Viejo Oeste theme park
Touring the Francisco Villa Museum and Regional Museum
Climbing the cable car
Visiting the Mexiquillo rock formation
Breathing in pure air at El Tecuán Ecological Park
As you can see, in addition to exploring and transporting yourself to the past, approaching the ghost town of Ojuela, or learning more about the Zone of Silence, you can also delight yourself and spend an incredible vacation discovering the Historic Center or even walking through the streets of this incredible city with all kinds of pockets of history and mystery. Book now at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Durango and come fall in love with Durango, Mexico and its people.

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