One of the best plans to make when visiting Bogotá is going to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. Here you will always see families and groups of friends sharing and enjoying an afternoon full of mysteries and amazement. Come and appreciate its grandeur and take a journey into the past. Book now at any of our Hilton Hotels in Bogotá: Hilton Bogotá, Hilton Bogotá Corferias, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Bogotá-Calle 100, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Bogotá-Parque 93, Hampton by Hilton Bogotá-Usaquen, Hilton Garden Inn Bogotá Airport, Hampton by Hilton Bogotá Airport, Embassy Suites Bogotá Rosales. Once you arrive at the hotel, be sure to speak with the team at the reception desk to coordinate transportation for your visit to Zipaquirá and its Salt Cathedral, which is truly a unique wonder of the world.

The Salt Cathedral, Zipaquirá. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

El Parque de la Sal
The Salt Cathedral is located inside the Salt Park, which opens its doors from 8 in the morning and not only offers you a tour of an underground world, but also the opportunity to learn a little more about the life and beliefs of the miners who once worked there. The Salt Cathedral, known by that name as it was built inside a salt mine, 180 meters underground, is a dazzling experience. In addition, this park also offers many green spaces, seating for lunch, and anything from a zip line to a climbing wall, so in addition to visiting this remarkable site, you can also enjoy a day full of fun activities.

As you enter the mine and approach the center of the world, you gain respect for the people who have traveled through here. In addition, you will feel humbled as you learn about this great mining family and how they built a chapel in that place of gloom, including the 14 Stations of the Way of the Cross and the largest Carved Cross in the world.

You will find interpretations of the cosmos in the Dome, of the musical scale in the Choir, of labyrinths in the Nartex and religious representations in ships: Ship of the Birth, Ship of Life and Ship of Death and Resurrection. The spectacular Creation Medallion is in the first ship. In addition, you can buy handcrafts and curiosities made of salt.

Fully carved in salt, you will feel the temperature drop as you descend further and further underground. The best part is that it is a quiet and leisurely walk, which will allow you to take it all in at your own pace, and where you will get to know every detail of the history behind this beautiful and magnificent salt mine. You will delight in enlightenment and how the world looks different from this unconventional perspective. Salinity gives this place a unique and mysterious atmosphere. You can’t help thinking about how the miners found a way to create their own beautiful world in a cold and dark place. For only USD 20 you can get to know this architectural wonder referenced by Alexander von Humboldt.

Miner’s Route
Arm yourself with a helmet and a light as a guide and experience being a “Miner for a Day.” You can add this hour and a half experience to your tour. You will see the mine through different eyes. Your inner scientist will come out to inspect geological formations and have a special view of the Salt Cascade Site and the Custodian Archangel. Studies carried out show that the exploitation of this mine dates back to the 5th century and salt deposits date back 200 million years.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

City Tour
The park also offers you the opportunity to visit the municipality that houses the mine, Zipaquirá, located about an hour from Bogotá by car. It was a Muisca settlement whose main economic activity was the salt mines. The salt capital of Colombia offers you a rich history and we recommend you take advantage and visit the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center and the Zipaquirá Archaeological Museum.

Local Cuisine
So much culture and tourism will surely whet your appetite. You will fall head over heels for Colombian food. After visiting the Salt Cathedral, you can find several finger-licking restaurants. We recommend the Casa del Chorro in the Plaza de Independencia, Toro Salvaje, La Carreta and Zaguán del Zipa where you will find typical food such as tenderloin to more casual fare and even vegetarian dishes.

It is important to dedicate a section to the climate of the Cundí-Boyacense plateau. It is characterized by its temperature fluctuation throughout the course of a single day. When the sun goes down the temperature drops drastically, so we recommend not only bringing comfortable clothes and shoes to the cathedral, but to also bring a jacket or sweater so you may layer later in the day and won’t feel cold.

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is a mandatory stop during your vacation. The best part is your Hilton Hotel can help you secure safe and reliable transportation to coordinate your transfer from Bogotá to this stunning wonder. The city of salt awaits you!

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