We rolled into Nashville 2,500 miles and eight days after the start of a road trip, our last major push to visit all 50 states before my son heads off to college. Our car was a wreck, littered with old newspapers, unidentifiable crumbs, and the remnants of our power adapter that had mysteriously caught fire. We didn’t look like much when we pulled up to the very elegant Hilton Nashville Downtown, but you wouldn’t know that from the very warm greeting we received from the moment we arrived.

Been on the road awhile? Choose Hilton Nashville Downtown; its spaciousness will impress you and just utterly relieve you if you’ve been cooped up in a car for any length of time. The atrium absolutely soars above you and every room is a suite, a precious commodity when traveling with the family. And the location is perfect: right in the center of downtown.

Eight. Days. On. The. Road. The Parkview Café in the hotel lobby was calling my name, so I gave my family a break from my grumpy self and headed downstairs. The café is located on the ground floor of the hotel in between their grand staircases and is an ideal location for people watching. They also have a specialty drink menu — a specialty drink menu! That endeared them to me immediately. I was torn between the Blackberry Iris and the Madras Mojito, finally opting for the Blackberry Iris — a great choice by the way. After chatting with the bartender about motherhood and complimenting each other on our red hair, I was ready to explore the city with my kids. Here’s what we chose to do in Nashville in a day.The Parkview Café in the lobby of Hilton Nashville Downtown has great ambiance and a fantastic drink menu!


Despite growing up a mere 300 miles from Nashville, I had never visited until I had children. Why did I wait? Nashville rocks; music is everywhere. We opted for a tour of Nashville, but in our own unique style: a Nashville Haunted Hearse Tour. The guide arrives in a tricked out hearse right at the door to the Hilton. The seating is situated above the driver’s level, so you can easily take in the view. The guide provides stories about various sites around town and the stories tend towards the scary and supernatural, but they also have quite a bit of history involved. Interesting tours like these are one of our favorite ways to get an overview of a city, and the tours are fine for children.


Do you have a Percy Jackson fan in the house? We had no idea the Parthenon in Nashville actually existed; this is a stop for Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief book and was shown in the movie as well. The interior set up is definitely a little different than what was shown in the movie, but my kids certainly enjoyed talking about those differences. This full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Greece is well worth a visit; the admission price is modest; and the 42-foot tall statue of Athena at the center is amazing. The Parthenon in Nashville is a replica of the original one in Greece, complete with a 42-feet tall golden Athena inside that was featured in the first Percy Jackson movie.


We ended our day with a stroll over the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. Just exit the Hilton and turn left to find the bridge. You’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the city and it’s great fun to watch the activity on the river.

There’s so much to do in Nashville that we haven’t seen that we’re already talking about our next trip back. Maybe for Walker Stalker 2016? That sounds like us.

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