The southernmost island in the Caribbean, Trinidad has the privacy and natural beauty you wish to experience on your honeymoon. Trinidad is the larger island of the two-island nation, Trinidad & Tobago. Its capital city, Port of Spain, is home to key business headquarters, eclectic nightlife, and colonial architecture from the time period when Spain and France settled on the island. Trinidad offers everything you’re looking for in a couples retreat: the tranquility of an island holiday and entertainment to keep you engaged throughout your visit. Read on for why you should honeymoon in Trinidad!

Trinidad has the privacy and natural beauty you wish to experience on your honeymoon. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Romantic Beaches

Things for couples to do in Trinidad are endless. One main attraction to put on your bucket list is Maracas Bay. Located on the north side of the island, this white sandy beach dotted with fringed palm trees is not only a sight to behold, but one of the most romantic places in Trinidad. Here, visitors can taste the freshest seafood including bake and shark, a fish sandwich with deep fried shark meat between two pieces of bread. You can sunbathe, go fishing, or just frolick along the shore and enjoy the gorgeous mountainous backdrop that encircles the bay.

A Musical Nightlife

Get lost in the rhythm of the night at Port of Spain. The capital’s nightlife is vibrant with panyards, which are spaces dedicated to performances of steel pans and other acoustic instruments. You can listen to live performances from local musicians playing drums to the rhythm of Calypso music and dance the night away with your better half. While there, walk around the city and get a bite to eat at the many street markets, where you can enjoy native foods like corn soup, doubles (two baras–or dough– filled with curry and chickpea sauce), crab and dumplings, and other local favorites.


Visit the Caroni wetlands to spot the island’s national bird – the Scarlet ibis. This bright red bird is native to South America and a few Caribbean islands, and is found in the Caroni swamps. Be sure to take a boat tour and navigate through the lagoons and mangroves while you learn about the wildlife that’s so unique to Trinidad.

The Scarlet ibis is Trinidad's national bird, a creature you'll enjoy watching with your significant other.

Paria Bay

If you’re looking for some privacy, plan an intimate picnic at Paria Bay. The photogenic spot showcases Trinidad’s natural beauty as well as the Pariah arch, a popular spot for proposals. Bring a bottle of bubbly, a few snacks and make a toast to your significant other in this perfect setting.

From wonderful beaches to idyllic sunsets, romantic getaways in Trinidad abound. The island boasts scenic views from every angle, making it the ultimate destination for a couples retreat, honeymoon, or just a moment to celebrate your love. Book your stay at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre and enjoy your romantic getaway with the best accommodations the island has to offer!

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