The country’s diversity is unparalleled—go from beautiful Bogotá, whose altitude is over 8,500 ft with a cold mountain climate, to the heat of Medellín, a city in the valley known as the “ciudad de la eternal primavera” (“city of eternal springtime”), travel to Cartagena de Indias, an architectural jewel, or to the Amazon forest of Yopal.

It’s a place where the people are friendly and warm, where dancing and music are just as important as soccer and empanadas. A land of artists, Colombia is the birth place of Botero and García Márquez, as well as singers Shakira and Juanes.

The country is also known for its coffee and is one of the greatest coffe producers in the world. Colombia has evolved over the years, now offering so much of its people, music and culture to the world.

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