Denver's Historic Hood

Heading to the State Capitol and the stately Civic Center Park is essential for any complete tour of Denver. Walk to the 13th step on the front steps of the Capitol building to find the “Mile High” marker. At this spot you are officially 5,280 ft. above sea level and can fully appreciate Denver’s nickname as the Mile High City.

Denver’s Capitol Hill is notably home to the Capitol, but it’s also home to the Denver Art Museum, Molly Brown House, Kirkland Museum of Fine Art and one of only four operating U.S. Mints in the country. Visit the United States Mint for a tour of their coin production process and leave with fun money-themed memorabilia. Outside of the historic Capitol Square you’ll find a grittier part of town affectionately called Cap. Hill. Famous music halls and theatres, old book stores, record shops, bars and restaurants densely populate this hip area. If you find yourself immersed in this trendy area, beautiful churches and awe-inspiring mansions provide a helpful reminder that you’re in a very historic part of town.