The Los Angeles Harborfront

Venture to the edge of LA county and discover the twin ports of Long Beach and San Pedro, known for attractions like the famous Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the fast ferry to Catalina Island.

For a different taste of the LA culinary scene, hang out in the LBC for craft brews and gastropubs. Stay out late, but make sure you don’t skip brunch, with great options like chicken and waffles at Nick’s on 2nd, or the ultra-cool Claire’s at the Museum.

Be sure to explore the Naples Island neighbourhood, with its gondolas and canals offering a reminiscent feeling of Italy. Stroll through the vibrant downtown for great nightlife.

For a gentler pace, check out the neighboring San Pedro, where you’ll find the Korean Bell of Friendship, a giant bell and pavilion given to LA as a gift by the people of the Republic of Korea, and made famous by movies like The Usual Suspects. Check out the cultural stories and maritime history within the many museums and stay for the sunset and the impressive coastline. For a truly unique experience, take a drive over the Vincent Thomas suspension bridge with its incredible views over the port.

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