Walkable and Shopable

Central Eastside

From downtown, head east over the Burnside Bridge to find yourself in yet another area within Portland that is both connected and on its own, full of exciting restaurants and breweries. Some locals think of Central Eastside as the “New Pearl” due to similarities to the Pearl District’s former self –– very industrial, with many still-active factories combined with new breweries, restaurants, and more on the rise.

Division / Clinton

One of the newer must-sees in Portland, Division Street and Clinton Street are located to the southeast side of the city and home to locally and nationally renowned restaurants.

If you speak to any local, you’re bound to be recommended to Pok Pok for unbelievable Thai food, Salt & Straw for funky ice cream, plus a number of premium coffee offerings, including Stumptown Coffee Roasters. For breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and everything in-between, Division and Clinton is an absolute must stop for foodies.

Hawthorne Blvd

A really fun area to walk around and explore, Hawthorne is known as one of the most “hipster” spots in the city. There is plenty to see, particularly between 31st and 39th avenue, from clothing to home goods, bookstores, and bars, and a heaping spoonful of outstanding dining and coffee options. Coming in August? Be sure to check out the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby every year.

Belmont St

Sandwiched between Hawthorne and Central Eastside, Belmont is a hot spot easily accessible from downtown that offers breweries, bars, and an eclectic collection of restaurants. Vintage shopping, historical charm, and more contribute to the neverending mix of delight that Portland offers.