Hidden Treasures

If a trip to France isn’t in the cards, why not visit the Paris of the Prairies instead? Saskatoon – which earned its nickname thanks to the numerous bridges found in the city that are similar to those in Paris – is truly a nature lover’s paradise. Here are the top things to do in Saskatoon during your next visit.

With Wanuskewin Heritage Park located just a few miles from the city, Saskatoon is the perfect place for city-dwellers who also want to be immersed in nature.

Sites to See
The star of the show here is Wanuskewin Heritage Park; a national historic site of Canada as it represents about 6000 years of history for Northern Plains people. Heading back to downtown Saskatoon, The University of Saskatchewan makes for an eye-popping photo opportunity. The campus, nestled at the edge of the South Saskatchewan River, is considered one of the most beautiful in the country and those who make their way to “the Bowl” – a courtyard on campus – will be treated to a 360- degree view of the university’s century-old architecture. For the art lovers, The Remai Modern is a must-see public art museum with some amazing architecture to boot. Saskatoon also happens to be home to a thriving rock and country music scene, so stop by a local live show if you’ve got time.

Natural Charms
Head back into the city and continue the outdoor observations on the Prairie Lily riverboat cruise, which winds its way down the South Saskatchewan River through the heart of the Saskatoon. Grab a snack on board, or just take in the beautiful views. Meewasin Valley is also a must-see spot on the South Saskatchewan River Valley. Take a hike, run or bike ride through the many trails available to see the various historic buildings and spot some animals in their natural habitats. No matter where you are in Saskatoon, you can easily find yourself immersed in nature.

For the Foodies
It may surprise you to know that Saskatoon is quickly becoming one of the must-try foodie spots in Canada. The province of Saskatchewan can claim almost 50% of all farmland in Canada, and on some of the most fertile land available, resulting in the best farm-to-table food you’ll ever taste. Fresh farm food aside, the city has been a huge draw for notable chefs and young talent with amazing restaurants popping up all over the city. Make your way over to the Broadway District, an area jammed with popular restaurants and bars that range from casual pub fare to fine-dining experiences. But no matter the neighbourhood, Saskatoon is known to have little to no chain restaurants in the downtown core, so you’re guaranteed to have a unique and fresh dining experience.

Things to Do with Kids
If you’re traveling with kids, there are a long list of things to do in Saskatoon that’ll keep them busy and entertained. Wonderhub is a great jumping off point for the curious-minded. Formerly called The Children’s Discovery Museum, this venue offers countless interactive exhibits so kids can have fun with hands-on learning. A short drive from the downtown core is the Saskatoon Zoo Society, a neat little zoo filled with rescued animals such as bears, alpacas and wolves. If you’ve got train enthusiasts in the family, the Saskatchewan Railway Museum is the perfect spot to hit up.

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