Eclectic and Energetic

Eclectic, vibrant, luxurious, and brimming with culture, Midtown is home to four unique districts that make up the heart of Toronto. Yorkville is where the well-heeled go to experience the most elegant shopping and dining in the city. The area brims with see-and-be-seen experiences with al fresco dining, top-notch spas, and exclusive outdoor events. Termed the “Mink Mile,” the bustling Bloor Street features high-end boutiques like Hermès, Cartier, Prada, as well as Holt Renfrew, Canada’s most luxurious department store.

Walk west along the pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and you will see three of Canada’s most respected institutions: Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature; the Royal Ontario Museum, the largest museum in Canada; and the University of Toronto, Canada’s first institution of higher education. The campus is surrounded by boho bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as the green hideaways and red brick homes of the Annex. When you’ve had too much peace and quiet, continue on to Koreatown for its Instagram-worthy K-Beauty stores, BBQ, and karaoke boxes. Known for its affordable delicacies and eclectic stores, you can eat, browse, and noraebang all night long.