Mountainsides and Tropical Vibes

From wildlife to nightlife, there’s something for everyone in Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad is full of stunning natural beauty, with rainforest-covered hills, swamps, and waterfalls that make the island a wildlife-watcher’s haven. Hiking and cycling trails wrap through the hills, while unspoiled beaches and bays are plentiful along the Port of Spain. Complementing these quiet wonders is the bold and loud Carnival – the Caribbean’s most thrilling street party and parade.

The clubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés that line the streets of downtown Port of Spain come alive in the evening, creating a truly electric atmosphere. If you want to slow the pace after a night of partying, try turtle-watching along the coast of Trinidad, one of the most important leatherback sea turtle nesting regions in the world. Bird watchers will be in paradise in the 700-acre Asa Wright Nature Center.

Soak up the island’s culture in Port of Spain’s art galleries, museums, and Botanic Gardens, or let your kids run wild in Queen’s Park Savannah, home to the 2.5-hectare Emperor Valley Zoo. In addition to natural wonders, Trinidad boasts architectural gems located throughout the island. Explore Independence Square and Woodford Square to experience the hustle and bustle of downtown Port of Spain.

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