Everyone has their favorite time of year, and mine (hands down) is absolutely Houston Restaurant Weeks! From August 1 thru September 2 this year all the foodies in your life will be reveling in this gastronomic showdown at incredible restaurants all over town. The general gist is that restaurants have the opportunity to sell multi-course meals for Brunch ($20), Lunch ($20), and Dinner ($34 or $45) with a percentage of the proceeds going directly to the Houston Food Bank. It’s a win/win for all, so see our Top 7 recommendations below and head on over!

rise no 2 – 1700 Post Oak

Read these words carefully: If you haven’t been to rise yet, GO NOW! Yes, I just yelled at you. Unless you have an egg allergy, you need to get yourself to rise early and often. Their soufflés are the absolute bees knees, and the rest of the food and ambiance will keep you coming back over and over. If you’re wondering what my three course dinner order will be, I’m starting with the Marshmallow Soup (goat cheese ‘marshmallows’, yes please!), nomming on the Jambon and Gruyere Soufflé next for my entrée, and swimming in every single dessert soufflé as my final treat (seriously, they’re all incredible, you can’t go wrong).

B&B Butcher’s Restaurant – 1814 Washington Ave.

If you’re looking for a steal of a deal, B&B is here to whet that appetite. Two delectable lunch courses for $20 will have you sailing into la la land in no time. I highly recommend the Brisket Ravioli and the B&B Meatballs for an appetizer, and the Rigatoni A La Vodka (I die for a good cream sauce, y’all) or the Croque Monsieur for your main course. If you’re feeling froggy and are a bleu cheese fanatic, B&B has a slew of options – like the Iceberg Wedge and the B&B “Steak” House Salad – for each course to keep you straight cheesin’.

BCK – 933 Studewood St.

Dinner is the name of the game for HRW at BCK. Three mouth-watering courses are enough to give you a taste of the eclectic comfort food that BCK is serving Heights style. For your appetizer you aren’t going to want to miss the Spicy Dr. Pepper Chicken wings. Cruise on into Shrimp and Crawfish Pot Pie or the Maple Glazed Pork Shank for dinner. And for dessert give into the siren’s call of the Chocolate Belgian Waffle with caramelized bananas and Nutella. If you’re calorie counting, leave your calculator at home!

Brasserie du Parc – 1440 Lamar St.

French food done well will leave you with a tear in your eye and crooning “La Vie en Rose” after your last sip of wine. Brasserie du Parc and I have an understanding that if they see me turning into Pepe le Pew, it’s time to shoo me out the door. They’re serving brunch, lunch, and dinner for HRW this year, and I literally can’t pick a favorite, so you’ll just have to try all three! For brunch, the Poulet Frit Et Gaufre (french chicken and waffles with bourbon sauce) and the Omelette A La Poitrine De Pork (pork belly omelet) have won me over. If you’re at lunch, I highly recommend the Tartare de Boeuf (beef tartar) and Risotto de Legume D’ete (summer vegetable risotto). And if you’re out for a night on the town, load up on the Salade De Chevre Chaud Au Miel Poivre (goat cheese salad with peppered honey), Plat de Cotes de Boeuf (beef short ribs), and Ile Flottante a la Pistache (pistachio custard).

Frank’s Americana Revival – 3736 Westheimer Rd.

Frank’s is an incredible gluten-free restaurant in the heart of River Oaks and if you think gluten-free means ‘flavorless’ then you’re sorely mistaken! I’m all in on the dinner menu for HRW at Frank’s, what with Pimento Biscuits, Grillades and Grits (short rib and jalapeno grits), and Cornmeal Biscuit Fruit Cobbler. No lie, I immediately began drooling when I opened Frank’s menu…if you’re a foodie, Frank’s is a must.

Jonathan’s The Rub Memorial Green – 12505 Memorial Dr.

Brunch is my love language, and Jonathan’s is serving me all the snuggles I need. Just look at this brunch menu! Challah Bread French Toast? Japanese Pancakes? Snickers Pie?! Stop. I can’t with the yummy. Three courses for $20 at Jonathan’s is an absolute steal, so if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, head to Jonathan’s for brunch or lunch.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema La Centerra – 2707 Commercial Center Blvd.

I can’t do a HRW article without throwing you a curveball, and Alamo is always my curveball. For $20/per person you can take advantage of Alamo’s HRW menu all day. Select two courses and then, for that fun curveball I was teasing, you also get a free movie ticket to come back another time. What should you eat? ALWAYS get the Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower (just trust me). After that I’m digging the Brussel Sprouts, Smoked Bacon & Goat Cheese Pizza or the Awake Until the End Game Shake (complete with a hot toddy, ginger syrup, and Oreo crumbles). And remember, if you talk during the movie, they’ll eject you from your seat. Literally. Like a fighter pilot out of a plane.

Run, don’t walk, to any of our favorites above for an incredible meal during HRW. And, for an incredible date night, eat at one of these restaurants then book a room with any Houston Hilton brand! For additional articles, offers, and ideas to inspire some Houston dreamin’, head on over to travel.hilton.com/houston.

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