Have you heard of Bimini — one of the Bahamas’ 30 inhabited islands? I had a vague knowledge of Bimini as an exclusive island that was only accessible by boat and one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fishing spots in the 1930s.

Since Hilton at Resorts World Bimini began hosting guests, Bimini is now a little more accessible to all of us. The hotel was in Phase 1 and partially open when we visited in September and is expected to be fully developed by Spring 2016. Even without all of the amenities yet available, Hilton Bimini made a great home base from which to explore one of the Bahamas’ best kept secrets.


Just 53 miles from Miami, Florida, Bimini is the closest point of the island nation of the Bahamas to the mainland United States. With an area of only eight miles, Bimini is a mere one-tenth the size of the island of New Providence, where the Bahamian capital Nassau serves as the islands’ main commercial hub.

Because of its small size and limited access, Bimini has escaped major commercial development, making it a great destination for those seeking pristine beaches and calm island life. Visitors will find that part of Bimini’s small island charm is its lack of cars. Don’t worry, though, there are more transportation options than your own two feet. Here are four ways to get around in Bimini and when you might find them most useful:


I was really excited to rent bikes and ride the two miles from Hilton Bimini to Alicetown on one of our overcast vacation days. Our plans were dashed when the clouds turned to rain as cycling in the rain didn’t seem safe, even on a sleepy tropical island. However, for a mere $20 per 24 hours, bike rentals are an economic and healthy choice for traveling from pool to beach to town and back.


There are golf cart rental vendors everywhere on Bimini. This is a great option to have if you have a large family or multiple families, plan to take several off-property excursions, or a member of your party has limited mobility. And don’t be afraid to negotiate; there are multiple golf cart rental companies on the island so use that to your advantage.


For guests’ convenience, Resorts World operates an open-air tram that offers free transportation to different locations throughout the property: the pools, the beach and the marketplace. During the day, guests can also take the tram into Alicetown to visit the Straw Market and Bimini Museum. The front desk can provide a weekly tram schedule.


For guests wishing to leave the property in the evening hours, taxis are a good option. All one-way taxi rides cost $5 per person. We used taxis only once on our trip, when we decided to have dinner in South Bimini. We called a taxi which took us to the ferry stop, where we took a short water taxi ride to the southern part of the island. The taxi and ferry services work together, so we only paid the taxi driver for the whole trip. Tip: Bimini taxis take only cash; paying with a credit card is not an option.

This article was originally published by Hilton Mom Voyage.

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