Philly is one of the top cities in the country in regard to its rich, ever-growing beer scene. In turn, some of the best beer around calls Philadelphia home. If you’re in Philly, there’s no way you want to miss grabbing one of these staples brews straight from the source. Here is a list of 8 incredible beers and where to find them during your next trip.

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The Philadelphia Pale Ale by YARDS

Yards has been making its mark on the Philly beer scene since 1994, so if you’re in town, you have to raise your mug to Philadelphia Pale Ale. This is a drinkable brew with a white, aeromatic head. The citrus aroma and flavors are complemented by a bready malt, which makes this crystal clear pale ale one of the best Philly has to offer. Try it on its own, or grab a variety pack or taster flight to try it alongside Yards’ other flagships like Brawler or Love Stout. 

Purple Monkey Dishwasher by EVIL GENIUS

This is no murky game of telephone, the message is clear: Purple Monkey Dishwasher is an incredible peanut butter porter. It’s one of Evil Genius’ signature brews, that you have to try when the opportunity arises. Purple Monkey Dishwasher gives what it promises on the flavor profile — heaps of chocolate and peanut butter. It pours a dark brown with a tan head that’s packed with peanut butter aroma, and a medium body that carries all of your favorite candy bar flavors. And although it’s a porter, it’s available all year round, so you can try one no matter when you visit!

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Eraserhood by LOVE CITY

You have to try one of the top-rated beers at one of the top-rated breweries in Philly! Eraserhood is a hazy New England IPA that pours opaque with a thick white head that brings you delectable hoppy and fruity aromas. You’ll pick up loads of mango and citrus, while still being incredibly balanced. 


This is no ordinary Pilsner! While it pours a clear, golden yellow, the complex, citrus aroma compliments an interestingly hop forward pilsner — German and Czech hops come together for a piney, herbal kick that’s smoothed over by the German two-row malts. You won’t want to miss the pilsner that was named one of the best beers of 2018. It’s well worth the short drive to Downingtown to visit the brewery and try a fresh batch of the Prima Pils! 

Bohemian PilsnerDOCK STREET

Dock Street Brewery is full of Philadelphia history, becoming the first Philly-based microbrewery in 1985. While others have since joined the scene, you haven’t gotten to the heart of Philly beer if you haven’t gone to Dock Street. You can’t go wrong at Dock Street, but while you’re there, you don’t want to leave without trying the Bohemian Pilsner. One of the brewery’s first beers, the Bohemian Pilsner is brewed with Czech Saaz hops, and is an incredibly balanced and clean beer — a Quaker City classic!  


Coming down to Philly for the holiday season? Swing by Wissahickon to catch Raisin Cane on their seasonal rotation. You won’t be able to tell where your cookie ends and your oatmeal raisin beer begins. Conditioned on cinnamon, raisins, nutmeg, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans — be sure to get a whiff of the incredible aroma before taking a sip! You’ll really want to take your time and enjoy this one, but feel free to go for the ‘Session Cane’ next if you’re looking for something a little more crushable to get you through those holiday dinners.

Scarlet Lady Ale by STOUDTS

The Scarlet Lady is a brew that Stoudts makes year-round, and has been a staple in the Philly beer scene. While the brewery itself is located in Adamstown, you’re sure to find the stores in Philly stocked with Stoudts. Stoudts is known for being Pennsylvania’s oldest microbrewery and home to the first woman Brewmaster since prohibition, its founder, Carol Stoudt. This is a beer you have to try even as a tourist — it’s copper-colored with a floral nose, that continues through the body and balanced with a nutty malt. 

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Milkshake IPA by TIRED HANDS

If you are in Philly you have to visit Tired Hands, and while you’re there, try EVERY Milkshake IPA they have on deck! You can’t go wrong, regardless of which one you try. Perhaps you’ll come across the Strawberry Milkshake, fermented on strawberries and vanilla beans, hopped with Mosaic and Citra — it pours cloudy and pale, with an incredible aroma. Or perhaps the Peach Coconut Milkstave IPA will be on tap when you visit? this is brewed with lactose for a smooth mouthfeel and is naturally soured — conditioned on coconut and peach puree, you’ll get an incredible array of flavors. And after you try it in the taproom, you can even take some home to age, and witness how the flavors develop and metamorphose over time.    


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