Taking a speed boat around the Bahamas or snorkeling through its coral reefs are just a few of the many sea adventures that await you in the Bahamas. Nassau is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, so what better way to spend your vacation here than on the water. Take a dive, snorkel or swim with your loved ones for some of the best group experiences the island has to offer. Below are a few of the best water sports in Nassau, Bahamas!

Jet Boat

Jet Boat tours are an exhilarating experience and a fun way to see the island in a high speed fashion. Hold on while your well-trained local guide whirls you around the Bahamas waters with 360 degree spins and high speed turns. This tour is more than just a wild ride, as you’ll learn some interesting facts about the Bahamas as well as see all the historic landmarks off the coast. The whole family will find themselves throwing their hands in the air and enjoying every minute of this boat ride.


Can you imagine snorkeling under the Caribbean sun while exploring underwater reefs? There are many snorkeling and scuba diving tours to take around Nassau. Meet your tour guide at Paradise Island Ferry terminal and take a relaxing catamaran out to the best reefs in the Caribbean. While you snorkel, enjoy the many colorful tropical fish and beautiful marine reef, and if you’re lucky, a sea turtle or dolphin might pass you by! When you’re done swimming among the fishes, the boat will take you back to the island while you enjoy a complimentary rum cocktail. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera to capture the beautiful sights below!

Jet Skis and Kayaks

If you’re a thrill-seeker and want to explore the ocean at your own pace, jet skis are the best option. Get picked up directly from the British Colonial Hilton Nassau and taken to the cruise ports, where you’ll hop on your wave runner and enjoy an hour of high speed fun. Splash your way across the water alone or enjoy the waves with a partner. 

If you prefer a more leisurely activity, kayaking is a classic way to relax while you row along the current. Take in the sounds of the waves as you glide along the coast. Kayaking is also known as an easy upper body workout, so you get to enjoy all the sights while you build your core. Kayaks are very versatile and can be enjoyed in salt or fresh-water, so if the ocean waves are rough take a tour of Bonefish Pond National Park. This national park is very scenic and a great tour for both the kayaking novice or expert. Bonefish Pond is a protected home for thousands of plants, marine life and a popular nesting place for shore birds. A portion of all proceeds from each tour goes toward the Bahamas National Trust for the protection of Bahamian National Parks. 


Soar high above the crystal blue waters in one of the most thrilling ways! Parasailing is an activity that should be number one on your vacation bucket list. This activity is best enjoyed with two people, as you look over to your partner and find yourself shouting as the boat captain slowly releases you high into the air. Then, the wind takes over and you glide along behind the boat and take in the island sights below. The vantage point from parasailing is perfect to wave down to all of the dolphins and beach goers. Feel like you’re flying and take the highly rated Adventure Parasail tour!

Nassau, Bahamas has so many sights and experiences to offer, its beautiful water and beaches making for an exhilarating day of water adventures. Make the most out of your trip and enjoy the best water sports the island has to offer!

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