Get ready DFW, Whiskey Ranch in Fort Worth is now offering tours! Explore North Texas’ first craft bourbon and whiskey distillery.

This Fort Worth-based company rooted grounds in 2012 (for TX Whiskey and 2016 for TX Bourbon), and is now known as the largest whiskey distillery west of the Mississippi and the only one located on a fully functional 18-hole golf course! Located on a 112-acre historic Country Club close to Downtown Fort Worth, this distillery produces 45 (53gl) barrels a day- that is a lot of whiskey! With many things to explore on this ranch, you’ll have a unique experience that you won’t forget!

The Whiskey that was created to compete with the best Irish, Scottish and Canadian blends

TX whiskey is a unique spectrum that blends fragrance and flavors to create an extraordinary experience for your taste buds. Tour the distillery and see for yourself how this whiskey is distilled and all that goes into the making of TX Whiskey and elegant of the handmade caps! Stop by the cap making station and create your own cap for your whiskey.

TX Blended Whiskey is described as “quite velvety with aromatic notes of vanilla and caramel”. Similarly, TX Bourbon is a “wheated bourbon” made from locally sourced grain and corn.

“One whiff and sip and you’ll get notes of dark fruit like raisins and prunes with tones of caramelized sugars, cinnamon, and pecan.”

Tell me about the scene

Enter the ranch through a stone entrance with winding paved roads that will take you directly in front of the property. Image being on a large green land with a Texas-style ranch and the city’s skyline in the background- talk about breathtaking!

Take a walk through “Barrel Breezeway” with barrel racks and end at the TX Tavern and Oak Room. Available for tastings and a large custom bar, you can experience exquisite tastes while mixologists whip you up a classic or original cocktail of your liking. Enjoy a Texas ranch atmosphere with a one-of a kind drink in your hand.

Photography provided by Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.

Located nearby, the Texas-style event room holds oversized chandeliers, and overlooking the Fort Worth Skyline and Golf course River while relaxing on a Texas-style dock, the event center at Whiskey Ranch is ideal for private events, wedding receptions, corporate events, and much more!

Everything really is bigger in Texas!

Texas is the second largest consumer of whiskey so for all of you whiskey lovers, you just got another reason to visit this Texas City! From this distillery to the Texan Ranch scenic vibe you get at this golf course, you have no reason to hold back!

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