This architectural marvel and interactive experience comes to NYC’s Hudson Yards courtesy of designer Thomas Heatherwick. The monument is comprised of 154 intricately interconnected flights of stairs, forming a cylindrical or vessel-type structure from the outside, partially inspired by ancient Indian stepwells. Inside, visitors will be able to climb nearly 2,500 stairs and stand on 80 landings to garner different viewpoints of the City via this immense piece of artwork.

How to get tickets:

  • Advance Tickets: Free tickets are made available for two week time periods. Each day at 8:00am EST, a new future day of on-line booking is made available.
  • Same-Day Tickets: Every morning beginning at 9:30am EST, same-day tickets are made available on-site at Hudson Yards. Upon arrival, speak with a Vessel Ambassador in the Public Square and Gardens. Tickets are available for time slots throughout the day.

Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

Click here for tickets and further information



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