The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan is one of the most popular cities in the Caribbean. Puerto Rican culture is quite unique, as it was built after many years of influence from the Spaniards, Americans, and the native populations. Often times people forget Puerto Rico is an American territory because of how unique it is. When you visit San Juan, you should definitely make sure to try some of the best restaurants in town, not only because you’ll get to try delicious food but because you will get to learn about the culture. Get ready to try the best restaurants in San Juan!

Discover how San Juan embodies Puerto Rican culture through its unique and tasty cuisine

Princesa Gastrobar

You know you’re in the right restaurant when it claims to offer a taste of Puerto Rico’s history through “Authentic 1800’s Century Gastronomy”. Princesa Gastrobar blends both the atmosphere of an upscale restaurant with the uniqueness of authentic puerto rican flavor. You can order dishes such as chicken mofongo, jumbo shrimp, churrasco a la parrilla and ropa vieja among others. Princesa Gastrobar is located right in the heart of Old San Juan, only 10 minutes away from the Caribe Hilton hotel. It’s a great idea to start your foodie adventures in this restaurant, where you’ll get to see the typical San Juan vibe while getting a literal taste of it as well!


A short 15 minute drive from Caribe Hilton, Barrachina is a must try. This place has everything, historical importance, fine local art, latin music and exquisite dishes. Visiting this restaurant definitely goes beyond just eating food; it’s a complete experience. As one of the most famous restaurants in Old San Juan, Barrachina offers all sorts of Puerto Rican delights with a trace of Spanish fusion: tostones rellenos, paella criolla, mofongo, caribbean chicken, and filete de bacalao. If that didn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will!

Casita Miramar

If there’s something common in latin culture is the fact that grandmas love feeding their grandkids with plenty of delicious food. That’s the feeling you’ll get when visiting Casita Miramar. Clients often feel like they are being taken care of so well, almost the same way their own grandmas take care of them. This cute restaurant is inside a beautifully decorated house and emits a cozy authentic vibe. Many guests also find it a great restaurant for a romantic dinner. There are no menu cards because the menu is written on big chalk boards, quite a different experience. Some of the dishes you can get here include stuffed plantains, BBQ pork ribs, mofongo, mahi mahi with coconut sauce, and ropa vieja.

Cafe Puerto Rico

Another great restaurant in Old San Juan, Cafe Puerto Rico is a foodie heaven. Its traditional ambiance and more low-key reputation are what make this such a great place. It is often visited by locals and the food has that homemade touch many people crave when on vacation. The actual restaurant is small, but the menu is quite extensive and varied. Some of the staple foods include mashed plantains, chuleta de cerdo, churrasco, arroz con camarones and a multitude of other delicious dishes. The experience here is definitely authentic and true to the local culture. Plus, Cafe Puerto Rico is conveniently located in Plaza Colon, where many of the key landmarks of Old San Juan are also located.

It is quite obvious that San Juan has outstanding food options. Make sure to grab a bite at these locations in order to experience the best food in San Juan. To book your stay at the Caribe Hilton and learn more about Puerto Rico, click here.

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