The coffee culture is alive and well in Miami. In the last few years the always reliable Cuban coffee has coexisted with coffee roasters and artisanal java shops all over town. Here are a few not-to-be-missed spots to visit while in the Magic City – so you can give your cup of joe the upgrade.

Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee
The pioneer of the craft coffee movement in Miami started its operations in the Wynwood neighborhood and since has expanded to five locations throughout the city. They have made a name for themselves for roasting locally and serving East and West Coast blends, as well as an assortment of single origin beans from small farms in Kenya, Brazil and Nicaragua. The coffee shop is always buzzing which makes it a great hang out. Don’t forget to order a spinach and ricotta empanada.

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House of Per’la
In a little corner of Coral Gables something is a brewin’ where specialty coffee and a chef forward menu converge. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, from Eating House and Glass & Vine fame, teamed up with Per’La Specialty Coffee to pour espressos, lattes and cold brews with the brand’s exclusive beans roasted locally. In addition to baked goods, you’ll find creative menu items like Bread Pudding French Toast and Avocado Caprese.

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Alaska’s Coffee Roasters
“Celebrating coffee, the wine of the tropics” is Alaska Coffee Brewing Company’s motto. Originally from Fairbanks and now in North Miami, they offer locally roasted, single origin beans from all over the world for a smooth and rich cup of coffee. The Miami connection comes from the brother and sister duo who lived on opposite ends of the U.S. and decided to get together to pair great coffee with a substantial menu. The homemade key lime pie and wood-fired oven pizzas are a must.

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Let’s face it, craft coffee is great, but you can’t be in Miami and miss a ventanita experience. These are no frills walk-up windows, mostly adjacent to a Cuban restaurant that sell coffee, pastries and turnovers. Versailles in Little Havana is the most popular one.

You’ll easily get by knowing these simple terms: Café cubano or Cafecito is strong espresso with sugar. Café con leche, your Latin latte – with lots of sugar. Cortadito, a smaller version of café con leche. The colada is a version of café cubano served with little sip cups as it’s meant to be shared.

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