St. Lucia is quite the unique island of the Caribbean. This tiny island is home to beautiful mountains and lively creatures, and it is a place to definitely reconnect with nature. This is one of the most mountainous places of the Caribbean, which is something that benefits the island by giving it some of the most beautiful landscapes out there. The people and the Creole culture are also amazing – they have a laid-back attitude, delicious spicy cuisine and special traditions. Get ready to explore the island of St. Lucia, a place that offers way more than just beaches.

Castries, St. Lucia

Climbing at The Pitons

One of the most iconic things about St. Lucia are The Pitons. This pair of volcanic mountains is a World Heritage Site, one rich in biological beauties such as 27 different species of birds, three species of rodents, and eight different species of reptiles. For those people who enjoy hiking mountains, exploring the rainforest, taking pictures with beautiful scenery, and observing animals in their natural habitats, then making the two hour trek to The Pitons’ peak is absolutely worth it. Although, be careful! It is recommended you hike Gros Piton (the larger mountain) instead of Petit Piton. The latter is considered to be highly dangerous for being too steep and not having a marked path.

Soufriere Sulphur Springs

There is nothing more rejuvenating and detoxifying for your skin than dipping in a natural mud bath. The mineral rich water at Sulphur Springs is a great way to get that rejuvenating skin care experience during your vacations at St. Lucia. After long hours of sun exposure, it is a great idea to give back to your skin and daubing it with grey healing mud. This natural mud will restore and smooth your skin, but be careful, it is recommended you wear an old bathing suit in case it gets a bit stained. After the mud session is done, you can then wash it all off in the nearby thermal pool, and finish it off at a waterfall close by. Here is where mother nature takes care of our skin care needs, so take advantage of it!

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Marigot Bay

This natural harbor in St. Lucia’s western edge has such a really nice vibe. You can find everything from delicious Caribbean restaurants to quite enjoyable bars. The view is incredible, as the water is filled with many beautiful sailboats and yachts. Marigot Bay is surrounded by three steep forested hills, creating a jaw-dropping landscape where the ocean meets the hills. This place is perfect to catch the sunset, while making a toast and taking one-of-a-kind pictures.

Pigeon Island

Famously known as the “living museum”, Pigeon Island is a St. Lucian landmark you can not miss. This 40-acre park is home to fascinating wildlife and beautiful seascapes. The island has been used throughout the years for multiple purposes, including a shelter for Carib Indians and much later a naval lookout. You’ll learn all about Pigeon Island’s history after visiting the small on-site museum, which you should visit before embarking in an exploration of the island. After walking around and seeing all the beautiful sights the island has to offer, there are also two small restaurants that you can visit for light refreshments.

St. Lucia is a destination you must explore if you have the chance to do so. While you’re there, stay at the Harbor Club St. Lucia, Curio Collection by Hilton for the best stay in the island, where you’ll get charmed by the tropical beauty that surrounds the hotel!

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