As soon as you arrive at Bluefoot Pirate Adventures, you are swept up into immersive fun and adventure!

The fun begins as the Bluefoot crew dress the “little pirates” in piratey vests, then they will enjoy face painting and lessons in pirate slang. The time flies during the wait to board as the crew sing, tell jokes and perform feats of agility. All of this is merely an appetizer, because once the ship sets sail, the real adventure begins. The discovery of a legendary map of Fort Lauderdale and Port Everglades will lead the pirates in search of a key to a treasure that has been long lost at sea, but don’t worry about any digging! The pirates of the Bluefoot already have it covered. The little pirates navigate the Intracoastal Waterway through games like pirate style I-Spy. A very observant pirate might spot mermaids at the sand bar. If one was so inclined, a little pirate might even come up with his or her very own pirate name.

Bluefoot Pirate Battle

At the culmination of the training to become official members of the Bluefoot crew, they get to show off their hard earned skills by warding off the notorious “Barnacle Bill” with real water cannons! That smelly villain is not above firing his own water guns at little pirates, so it’s a good thing the new recruits have the numbers to make it a worthy battle! Will the tale end with excitement and fortune? Of course it will! All little pirates will leave with a bag of booty, an official pirate certificate, and an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

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